Scam Alert: Bonus Chainlink ( On Crypto Twitter is a Scam

In line with our commitment to protecting crypto investors from scams proliferating the industry, we recently uncovered a Twitter handle “Bonus Chainlink” promising as much as 33% returns in LINK per month to individuals who hold Ether (ETH).BonusChainlink scam

Bot accounts are promoting the alleged giveaway by leaving comments on tweets from crypto-related Twitter accounts with substantial followership, citing an alleged partnership between Ethereum and Chainlink to reward token holders.

Also, as shown in the above screenshot, tweets from the account are protected, a tactic Twitter-based fraudsters use to make unsuspecting victims view their scheme as legitimate. BonusChainlink is referring users to a website that was offline at the time of writing.

Our guess is that either the scheme is still being developed or the website has been taken down by the hosting provider, Russia-based Host Man.

Update: The people behind the scam have been restrategized by launching a new website where it is explicitly asking potential victims for private keys to their crypto wallets. Do not provide your wallet details here as you will lose your funds.

Mylinkbonus scam


Bonus Chainlink Doesn’t Exist

Although the scheme says that for every 10 ETH that a user holds, they receive 300 LINK tokens, there is no official partnership between the Ethereum Foundation and the Chainlink project to give away LINK tokens to ETH holders.

Also, as we’ve warned in similar scam alert reports, nearly every crypto project offering unreal returns to investors is likely a scam. The said 33% returns per month by Bonus Chainlink definitely fits that bracket, especially given the current state of the global economy.

The claim that no crypto exchange is supporting the airdrop also confirms that it is a scam.

Meanwhile, in similar coverage, we recently reported a Twitter user lost 0.1 BTC funds to a fake Binance giveaway on YouTube.

Update: We updated this alert to include information that the persons behind the scam rebranded as the scam, but still uses the @BonusChainlink account. Do not fall for their ploy.

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