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Democratized Social Platform, Sapien is Integrating with Matic Network for 100x Speed

Following the recent debacle between the Steem community and Tron Founder, Justin Sun, the need for efficient privacy-optimized decentralized social platform comes to the limelight.

Sapien, one of the most active Ethereum-based social networks with more than 18 million tokens staked and thousands of user communities, is already filling in the void and has partnered with Matic Network to significantly boost the performance of its platform.

Today, Sapien announced its partnership with Matic, as well as “Alpha Persei,” an enhanced version of its platform with new features including Rewards Engine V3, integration with Portis wallet, user-to-user chat, improved user interface, and listing on KyberWidget for easy access to swap ETH to SPN tokens.

The collaboration with Matic Network will notably allow Sapien Network to build its social platform on a scalable, low-cost sidechain. Users can expect up to 100x reduction in cost and transfer speed once on Matic, a massive boost to the Sapien Network that has more than 18 million of its SPN tokens staked in a vibrant ecosystem.

Commenting on the development, Sapien Co-Founder, Ankit Bhatia, hailed Matic’s protocol as one that delivers value from distributed technologies to mainstream users and relished the prospects of Sapien Network becoming one of the first companies to implement Matic’s protocol.

Similarly, Jaynti Kanani, CEO, and Co-Founder of Coinbase and Binance-backed Matic Network said in the release:

The blockchain space is still searching for its killer dApp which can potentially have millions of engaged users. I believe Sapien, with its able team and a well thought out product with a superlative focus on user experience, is one of the top ones to watch out for.

Meanwhile, in another report about crypto-focused social media platforms, Coinfomania reported earlier this year that Uptrennd, a Web 2.0 social media site, recorded a 14,469% user growth in 2019.

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