Confirmed — Samsung Galaxy S10 Supports Bitcoin and Ethereum + Two Other Tokens

In our earlier report about Samsung’s new device, Galaxy S10, we stated that there is no official confirmation from the tech giants that the smartphone will support any cryptocurrencies.

However, that stance changed on Monday as the company unveiled key features of the smartphone at the Mobile Business Summit session during MWC Barcelona 2019.

Samsung representatives displayed an image that included the popular Bitcoin and Ethereum logos as well as two other tokens, Enjin and Cosmee.

Galaxy S10

Enjin is the native token of a crypto project targeting the gaming industry while Cosmee is the native token of the Cosmochain project working to connect beauty companies with prospective customers.

Therefore, the two tokens are likely going to join Bitcoin and Ethereum as the supported cryptocurrencies on Samsung’s new Blockchain Keystore App. It is expected that users of the new smartphone can spend these cryptocurrencies directly from the app when the device goes on sale in the coming months.

Meanwhile, Cosmochain has confirmed its partnership with Samsung while on the other hand, Enjin is still quiet about the mega move.

What Samsung’s Crypto Wallet Feature Means For The Industry

Random statistics suggest that Samsung sold around 31 million units of the Galaxy version (S9) which the S10 device is going to replace.  

Going by the same ratio would entail that millions of users will for the first time get inbuilt crypto wallet services, and likely learn about the potential of cryptocurrencies for the very first time.

Apparently, that would be the best single move pushing cryptocurrency to the mainstream aside the crazy crypto market bull run in 2017.

The primary difference would be the fact that Samsung’s move will not be based on any hypes but on what users will gain by embracing the use of cryptocurrency.

In our opinion, that is the real definition of adoption and should mark the beginning bigger things for the crypto industry.

In a similar development, we reported earlier today that crypto project, Electroneum just launched an Android phone that pays users for mining cryptocurrencies.

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