Explore Safer Retirement with DeFi Protocol ROSA Finance

ROSA Finance has managed to bring a more transparent and secure pension and savings solution through the advancements brought by the decentralized finance sector to the cryptocurrency industry.

The lack of transparency and security for retirement funds has always been prevalent in the mainstream financial system. Unfortunately, big pension funds are shutting down and customers losing a significant part of their funds, if not all, is not an isolated case. 

Even worse, some of the risks have been inherited by most pension funds built by the decentralized finance sector of the cryptocurrency industry.

Therefore, ROSA Finance wants to build a decentralized savings solution for retirement funds using different layers of technology and more robust financial products to offer a trustworthy pension package to people with non-standard earnings, pension fund users, and anyone else who is ready to diversify their revenue sources in the future.

ROSA Finance- the Next-gen Crypto IRA

Opening and saving into a cryptocurrency individual retirement account is the safest way to make sure you have your future pension under control. 

In that regard, ROSA is building a next-generation cryptocurrency retirement fund using Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. The all-in-one decentralized solution will present users with a comprehensive and transparent pension plan, savings, and loan options. Users can earn significant yields to keep their cryptocurrency funds with ROSA.

The deposit plan is up to the users. They can stash in tokens periodically, on their own terms, or choose to stake the dedicated ROSA token and earn additional returns.

And because ROSA’s DApp makes use of public blockchain, customers can always look up transactions, check the smart contract’s code, or check the overall activity within the ledger. Additionally, within the DApp, users can check their tokens 24/7.

Tokens are always backed up and gaining value 

When investing long-term with regular ETFs, users might be affected by the potential dilution of shares. However, ROSA’s protocol is predefined and unchangeable. The only possible scenario is for customers to see their holdings increase thanks to yields and staking rewards.

In order to increase the value of the tokens locked in the savings plans, ROSA invests funds across a decentralized portfolio. They do it professionally by the prudential principles of security, profitability, and liquidity using risk management concepts such as diversification and asset-liability matching.

Furthermore, ROSA offers low-interest crypto-backed loans to maximize user value. And because all the loans are backed by cryptocurrency, users from the liquidity pool will never be at a loss and will consistently earn from the compounding interest.

How to retire with ROSA

Accessing ROSA is as easy as it can be. Currently, users can choose between Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain to deposit and earn cryptocurrency, with no wallet switch necessary. In the future, ROSA will integrate with even more blockchain networks.

And because the project is about democratizing retirement funds, if you try ROSA and don’t find it to your liking, you can always transfer your assets without fees across chains.

Check ROSA FINANCE and see how great it fits into your future financial plans.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/RosaFinance 

Telegram: https://t.me/RosaFinance 

Medium: https://rosafinance.medium.com/ 

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