S. Korea’s Largest Recruitment Agency Taps Blockchain for Improved Credibility

Blockchain technology continues to see major use cases across various industries like healthcare, finance, supply chain, automobile, and many more. And now, blockchain is being used in the recruitment industry as South Korea’s largest online job search platform, SaraminHR announced that it would leverage the tech in its recruitment process.

Enhancing recruitment process credibility

According to a press release today, the move prompted a partnership between SeraminHR and ICONLOOP, a South Korean blockchain firm, to help mitigate job application fraud cases in the country. 

Commenting on the development, a rep of ICONLOOP, Kim Jong-hyup, said: 

I am confident that the values ​​of reliability, transparency, and stability presented by blockchain will have a great impact on the recruitment market.

SeraminHR which is poised on boosting its operations’ credibility, said the recent development had prompted it to add three new features to its job search platform to enhance the fairness of the country’s recruitment process. 

The newly added features include Final Candidate Report Forgery Prevention, Certificate Forgery Prevention, and Offline Test Attendance Verification. 

As per the press release, the “final candidate report forgery prevention” feature uses blockchain to ensure the job selection process’s transparency, such as exams and interviews. 

The feature helps record applicants’ scores on a public blockchain network, thus eliminating any future manipulation from the candidate or SeraminHR.  

For the “certificate forgery prevention” feature, job applicants will be required to verify their certificates’ authenticity. 

Under this, applicants will need to download the ICONLOOP’s Zzeung mobile app to confirm their identity and upload their official certificates on BROOF, the ICONLOOP’s digital certificate app. 

Once applicants’ certificates are verified, they can conveniently submit all verified documents to any company recruiting for new positions with just a few clicks. 

Lastly, the “offline test attendance verification” feature helps eliminate cheating in job examination venues. The service requires job applicants to download the ICONLoop’s VisitMe app to check into job exam centers. 

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