Moscow to Create a Blockchain System for Transparency in Administrative Services

Russia is planning to leverage Blockchain technology to boost its capital administrative services.

According to a report on Open Media today, Russia’s Information Technologies Department announced an opening to hire contractors that would build an Ethereum-based system for administrative services in Moscow.

The contract budgeted at 56.96 million rubles (app. $860,000) would see qualified contractors build a blockchain-powered service for Moscow City Hall.

Other services the contract would cover are the issuance of certificates of occupancy to Muscovites property owners and residents, as well as creating comfortable venues at the city’s farmers markets to host weekend trade fairs.

Once the contract is signed, the contractors have 60 days to complete the project. The developers will also integrate the new platform with other blockchain-related platforms that are owned and controlled by the Russia government, including the personal data management services and the Active Citizen project.

The Active Citizen Project is a project that allows Russians to be directly involved in making decisions concerning locations for new bike paths, street decoration, and city events.

Interestingly, the I.T department aims to utilize the blockchain technology to boost public confidence in Russia’s capabilities to be transparent in its use of electronic systems, due to the upcoming legislature election.

Per the report, Russia will be using an e-voting system that will utilize the Blockchain technology in its September 8 legislature elections. An experiment is scheduled to take place in three different constituencies a few weeks before the election, which will see the participation of 6 percent of eligible voters (or 450,000 voters).

This is not the first time Russia will be tapping from the benefits of the Blockchain technology.

As reported by Coinfomania in September, the Russian subsidiary of Raiffeisen Bank International used Masterchain, a local blockchain platform, to issue an electronic mortgage.

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