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Rune Increased By 32% As Bitcoin Continually Flip $40k.

The last 24 hours as predicted saw the last market divided with most coins gaining. Bitcoin continually shows potential in surging past the $40k. The last 24 hours was no doubt filled with a lot of price movements.


The altcoins are not left out from the current bullish trend as RUNE joins the list of top gainers over the last 24 hours. The last 24 hours saw THORChain revisits a price mark it hasn’t for more than ten days as a result of the price rally it enjoyed during this time.

As of the time of writing, the chain 14 days high is $5.3. the recent move to the 14 days high came barely one week after THORChain suffered a sophisticated attack on the ETH Router, around $8m; showing the bears resilience. The hack was performed by a whitehat as the individual limited the impact.

After the attack, the whitehat requested a 10% bounty which will be awarded if they reach out. Speaking on the cyberattack a THORchain representative said it is a tough time for the community and project, and the pain is real but the treasury has the funds to cover, but it’s time to slow down.

In conclusion, he added that the complexity of the state machine is currently its Achille’s heel, but this can be solved with more eyes on, as well as a re-think in developer procedures and peer-review. All this were revealed in a tweet from the official Twitter account.


Bitcoin is experiencing what some describe as a “tough romance” with $40,000. The past 24 hours saw the king coin cross $40k more than twice. The current price trend is as Coinfomania expected.

In one analysis, the analyst said that the bulls will attempt a comeback after a suffered a 4% drop from $40,000. Based on price movement, we may see BTC reach its previous high($40,000) during the time under consideration(48 hours). This trend may continue as there has not been any clear price outbreak.


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