Rowan Energy’s Low-Carbon Blockchain Will Boost Crypto Adoption

As many of you might have read recently, there is a lot of noise in the press about how blockchain is energy heavy and, therefore, carbon-rich in its design.

Many publications have reported in recent months that the bitcoin network uses more energy than Switzerland with its energy-intensive proof of work mining.

As the world sits in record-breaking temperatures and environmental groups warn that this is the start of the climate breakdown, it’s time for a new kind of blockchain to come into the picture. One that offers not only low-powered transaction validation but also fuels changes and encourages the adoption of renewables.

We need a more sustainable blockchain

Founder and CEO David Duckworth started Rowan Energy in 2018 as a kitchen table project. Rowan Energy wanted to build a platform that rewarded people for living a more sustainable life.  But solar was its main focus.  In 2019 the UK government canceled the solar incentive program whilst at the same time making bold carbon target claims.

Rowan Energy recognized that rewards and energy were a great use case for blockchain and crypto but could not find a blockchain that was low-powered enough.  They also had dreams of mass adoption of crypto with normal, non-coiner household mining tokens as a second income whilst also being environmentally positive.

So Rowan Energy decided to build their own blockchain.

Rowan blockchain is low-powered and, therefore, low carbon. Rowan Energy has built that blockchain using the low-powered proof of authority consensus, the blockchain is mainly run on the small raspberry pi device called a SmartMiner. Plus 30% of the profits from the sale of these SmartMiners are used to buy-back tokens from exchanges lowering the circulating supply and adding buy pressure to the market.

A SmartMiner is a low-powered device installed in people’s homes that have solar panels. The SmartMiner is a cryptocurrency miner and SmartMeter in one.

The device counts how much energy the rooftop produces and how much is fed into the grid. The solar owner is then rewarded with £0.10p worth of Rowan Coin for every kWh energy produced by the roof and used in the home. These Rowan Coins can be cashed out directly to PayPal, sent to a Rowan Coin wallet or transferred to a listed exchange. Rowan is listed on Probit and LATOKEN, with a third exchange in the pipeline for 2022.

CEO and founder David Duckworth comments;

Rowan Energy wanted to not only encourage the adoption of rooftop solar but also change people’s habits and attitudes towards renewable energy. 

By taking responsibility for generating and consuming your energy, you can earn better returns for producing clean green energy. It can be as simple as using your washing machine or dishwasher during the day to utilise your solar rather than feeding it back into the grid”. 

Rowan Energy launched a successful beta launch of its SmartMiner last year selling and installing 50 devices into residential homes throughout England and now is ready to start onboarding new customers to its network.

In the UK more than one million homes have solar. Now, by changing your energy consumption and with the help of a SmartMiner, you can earn nearly three times as much for self-produced green energy. These two factors will make Rowan Energy hugely popular. Putting crypto wallets into the hands and miners into the homes of previously non-crypto market,

Rowan’s SmartMeter will be available in the UK from 1st August 2022.  With an international launch planned for 2023.

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