RoboApe Is a Community Oriented Meme Coin That Caters for the Meme Industry Alongside Decentraland

 More and more crypto platforms have been created since the introduction of cryptocurrency. However, various subsets have also emerged, with meme coins being one of them. In addition, blockchain technology and its features have brought great ease to cryptocurrency. 

Decentraland is a virtual reality blockchain that allows users to experience, create, and monetize applications and content via the Ethereum network. Tokenized by MANA, it creates a virtual world where users can purchase plots of land that they can either build upon or monetize. This virtual reality blockchain platform is mainly designed for content creators, businesses, and individuals, looking for new artistic mediums or business opportunities. 

In addition, landholders in the MANA virtual world can develop their plots into whatever they choose. Since its public launch in 2020, users of Decentraland have created a wide range of experiences on their LAND parcels. Also, the platform provides features such as interactive games and various other interactive experiences.

Blockchain is expanding; the crypto market is wide enough to handle this expansion—however, the broader the market, the more complex the struggle to pick a reliable purchase. The crypto gaming industry has seen an incredible spike in its profit potential over the last few years. Decentraland launched a close beta of its token in 2019 and became entirely public in 2020. 

Users need to examine their options before risking a dime critically. Although crypto is a large digital market and very accommodating, a coin like Decentraland is an outstanding token. However, Decentraland has faced recent issues with the most valuable part of its blockchain – LAND. 

What Potential Do RoboApe (RBA) and Decentraland (MANA) Possess?

Decentraland runs as a decentralized system. Tokens are distributed through a peer-to-peer network. Also, this token’s platform allows the world to get together through blockchain. The recent price drop brings up questions like – is this a good investment or purchase?

Meme coins have seen exponential growth since their introduction, and RoboApe, recognizing this, has further emphasized this growth through its innovative ecosystem. The RoboApe platform is a meme coin-based platform poised to revolutionize the crypto space. However, it functions on the Ethereum network, making it an ERC-20 token. 

Also, aside from the innovative network choice of the RoboApe platform, the in-house token of this platform – RBA, is deflationary. In addition, the RoboApe community will be decentralized without leadership allocation. Therefore, this ensures complete equality on the RoboApe platform, making it very much possible for users and holders to have an equal say as the RoboApe team members.

RoboApe Community-driven

The RoboApe platform will function as a community-driven DAO (decentralized autonomous organization). The RBA aims to provide development initiatives, resources, and decision-making directly to the RoboApe community. However, this assures users and holders an automated ecosystem and a neutral platform that gives users access to a flawless framework that allows them to organize, fund, communicate communally and establish consensus on the protocol’s improvement.

In addition, this shows shared responsibility between users and holders, which is sure to ensure progress because everyone involved is fully involved. Another primary goal of the RoboApe platform is to upgrade and develop DAO designs for projects that keep profiteers at bay. However, the solution to the problem is empowering developers to work diligently with the community for cooperative growth rather than selfish economic enrichment.

The RoboApe platform has proven to be a solution providing meme coin blockchain through its innovative community-driven platform that ensures communal enrichment as personal riches grow too.

Presale: https://ape.roboapetoken.io/register   

Website: https://roboapetoken.io/ 

Telegram: https://t.me/ROBOAPE_OFFICIAL

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