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Regal Assets Gifting Encrypto Bitcoin Watch to Qualified Crypto Investors

Leading crypto investment company, Regal Assets announced Wednesday; it will be issuing a complimentary Franck Muller Encrypto Bitcoin Watch to customers with a qualified retirement or investment account

To qualify, investors would have to meet Regal’s minimum investment threshold for retirement accounts like 401(K), IRA, SEP, or wish to move part of their retirement savings into a Bitcoin IRA.

“We are very excited to be offering our investors the opportunity to receive a complimentary Encrypto Bitcoin watch as part of their IRA investment.” CEO Regal Assets, Tyler Gallagher admitted.

Not only will customers benefit from one of the secure cold storage solutions for Bitcoin investment, but they will also be able to check their Bitcoin IRA’s balance anytime just by scanning the QR code on the dial, he added.

Franck Muller Encrypto Bitcoin Watch

To be clear, the innovation by Franck Muller, a pioneer luxury watchmaker in partnership with Regal Assets marks the world’s first functional Bitcoin watch.

Each timepiece featured in the watch comes as a two-piece “Deep Cold Storage” set, with its unique address etched on the dial, also with sealed USB containing the private key.

The dial was designed with the QR code of Satoshi’s Genesis Block address, that is, a custom designed B in an emblem of verse circuitry, with a laser etched public wallet address positioned as a QR code in its provided frame.

The QR code enables the verification of BTC holding.

The Encrypto Bitcoin watch sold anywhere between $9,800-$55,880, not only will allow users to check their balance or add Bitcoin to their wallet directly through the dial, but it will also allow users to customize both the band and dial of the watch.

The innovative watch appears more secure to keep Bitcoin offline, unlike hot wallets which operate via the internet, as it is more prone to attacks from hackers who recently stole  7,000 Bitcoin (BTC) from hot wallets on the leading crypto exchange, Binance.

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