Real World Crypto Practices: How Encrypted Currency Can Be Used In Real Life

The inception of Bitcoin introduced the world to a new era of currencies that were digital, encrypted, and in simple words, different than the rest of the money lot that was already out there.

The genesis of cryptocurrencies left many people curious in its wake as everyone who successfully managed to turn into a crypto enthusiast started scourging innovative practices to determine the various cryptocurrency applications that could be used by everyone in real life. Surprisingly the crypto bang in 2017 caught the eye of every wary FinTech exerciser, and with so many new cryptocurrencies popping up on the crypto market every day, thriving sectors set out on a crypto revolution.

From the retail industry to arts and collectibles industry to even innocuous charities, it seemed like everyone wanted a bite of the tempting cryptocurrency flavor.

And if crypto continues down the path like it is currently then traditional currencies and regulated cash systems should well beware from the undeniable crypto power. Cryptocurrency Exchanges have more tricks up their sleeves than all of the other monetary systems out there; it’s only a matter of time before cryptocurrencies reveal revolutionary discoveries that could result in an all-out crypto explosion. As of 2019, there are multiple industries out there applying cryptocurrencies brilliant mechanisms that are aimed to make real life more convenient.

Here are insights into some of the same

Social Media

Social media is undoubtedly the most influential medium that connects people across countries and binds them as a single unit. Social media can do everything – People can find people they have never seen in the past 20 years and even better, find jobs online.

Social media platforms such as Vanywhere is employing Blockchain practices to link job seekers to prospective employers who are looking for the right employee that matches the skill set they have in mind for their company.


Following suit from the insane global reach of social media, educational institutes from around the world are also accepting crypto cash so that students can manage to pay their fees easily. The University of Nicosia from Cyprus made a news-flashing headline for being the first accredited university in history to accept Bitcoins as its official payment for tuition fees.

Environmental Usages

Every person who believes in the “Go Green!” motto will be ecstatic to know that now cryptocurrencies can join in their movement of painting the world green. Because a little nature now and then is good. But nature with crypto? Fantastic!

Since crypto developments are being vastly made for environmental usages, environmentalists will be glad to know that there are systems (Brooklyn Microgrid) out there that sustain solar panels to trade environmental accounts that are connected to a mobile application that is visualized for those people who have an insufficient reach to electrical comforts.

Scaling environment-based ideas using crypto schemes intertwined with solar-based energy will allow these people to use electricity with ease and bear no extra expenses at the cost of carbon-based power.

Travel Industry

Traveling is exciting and soul food for the travel bug that lies within almost each one of us. But now traveling is crypto convenient! is a flight/hotel/cruise/car rental service that has been accepting Bitcoin as a legitimate form of cash payment since 2013.

It is hard to digest that an industry such as Travel could be coming out with accessible crypto amenities, but it is true. So the next time you plan your international destination you know that all you need is a few Bitcoins in that crypto wallet of yours.

Gaming Industry

You did not think that one of the biggest entertainment industries on the planet would stay behind on all the crypto fun, did you? Game developers can rejoice and kick back with ease on their couch now as quite a few online games have already started trading using crypto cash.

A popular game that was started as an ORB project is a virtual game that entitles the players to transfer cash stored in their inbuilt game account into other available money options such as taking cryptocurrencies are exchanging them for fiat money.

The Final Outtake

The way FinTech is progressing right now mobilizing crypto to achieve endless capabilities; the day does seem that far away when Cryptocurrency Exchange Platforms will reach their maximum potential and the entire world will blossom in its wonders.

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