Read These 8 Bullish Bitcoin Tweets At This Critical Time

The recent price crash of Bitcoin and the rest of the crypto market over the last couple of days has left many investors sad and in losses. However, despite these trying times, a few Bitcoiners are still hopeful that the coin will regain positive momentum sooner than later. 

Bullish Tweets on Bitcoin 

Amid the staggering price of Bitcoin, some traders others think it is a great time to catch a falling knife (buying the dips) while others are holding on for dear life (HODLing).

For instance, Ben Askren said he is not going to sell anything but will continue to hodl.

Similarly, @BTC_Macro, a position trader said that he even bought more Bitcoin, despite the current unstable movement of the coin.

Barry Silbert, the Founder/CEO of Digital Currency Group, believes that bitcoin was invested for times like this, and he is buying more. 

BashCo, @BashCo_ tweeted about purchasing a full Bitcoin and probably putting Bitcoin Twitter to shame as to why they won’t join in buying the dip.

Another Bitcoiner, @MrHodl, has a strong belief that Bitcoin will recover sooner from the market condition that this story will be written in publications/books. At that time, many people will realize that the coin can survive any market condition, he said

“I’ve had a really simple mental model for BTC in a severe equity sell-off that’s been unchanged since literally 2016. Look at gold heading into, during, and coming out of the 2008 financial crisis. I think that’s BTC this time round,” Ari Paul, @AriDavidPaul tweeted.

Still on buying more Bitcoin, Coinfomania’s columnist, Wilfred Michael, reiterated his familiarity with the volatility in the market. He said he is not worried about the price numbers but only worried that he doesn’t possess more fiat to buy at the moment.

Finally on the list is Edward Snowden, an American whistleblower who said this is the first time he has felt like buying BTC.