Adoption: QANPlatform Integrates Chainlink’s Decentralized Oracle Network

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QANplatform announced today that it has partnered with Chainlink to incorporate the Chainlink oracle network with its quantum-resistant blockchain technology to provide secure real-world data and multilingual solutions for enterprises around the globe.

QANplatform is a blockchain platform that is powered by Centrum Circle, a blockchain fintech company. It uses the lattice cryptography, which makes it able to withstand the vulnerabilities faced by many crypto networks with regards to quantum attacks.

However, despite the height of security that QANplatform has to offer, it still faces the same problem faced by all blockchain platforms, and that is the inability to connect to data and systems that are not on its blockchain platform.

Such a condition makes it very hard for most computer protocols to work effectively since they need to connect to external resources to give the required results. Most of the reliable data sources can be found in non-blockchain platforms, and they need to be accessed securely.

That is where Chainlink’s decentralized oracle network comes into play. An Oracle is a digital agent that can connect to data outside its blockchain system by reformatting external connection points in a way that two entirely different systems can be able to exchange data.

The Chainlink oracle network reportedly has an added decentralized security by ensuring that various oracles gather data from different sources and then arranging them to prevent failure and falsehood in the data collected.

Therefore, the combination of the quantum-resistant blockchain system of QANplatform and the decentralized oracle network of Chainlink will ensure that users have access to tamper-proof real-world data.

Speaking on this, the cofounder of QANplatform, Johann Polecsak, reiterated his belief that giving developers the ability to build efficient smart contracts promptly would undoubtedly fuel the mass adoption of blockchain technology.

He then added,

We can only achieve that through real-world integration and co-existence with platforms that people already use. Thanks to Chainlink’s oracle solutions, we are able to do that with QAN. Alongside our multilingual smart contracts, developers possess everything they need in order to achieve adoption.”

Completion of the integration process is also expected to open up the door for further use cases such as connection to IoT devices to source for new insurance and logistics products and more.

Meanwhile, while Chainlink continues to seal new partnerships, the project’s native token continues to increase in value and recently hit a new all-time high.

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