Dutch Soccer Club PSV to Hold Bitcoin Via Partnership With Anycoin Direct

Popular Dutch football club PSV has become the first major European football club to hold Bitcoin (BTC) via its partnership with Anycoin Direct.

According to an announcement today by the club, PSV will be paid an undisclosed amount of Bitcoin to create more awareness for cryptocurrency and Anycoin Direct in Europe.

With the deal receiving the necessary greenlight, Frans Janssen, PSV’s Commercial Director has already created an e-wallet that will be used to receive the BTC payment from Anycoin.

Notably, the partnership between the two parties is expected to last until the next two seasons, with the announcement not stating whether the deal could be extended to subsequent seasons.

PSV said that prior to reaching an agreement with Anycoin, it had received numerous offers from other international firms. However, it chose Anycoin Direct from a pool of firms seeking to enter into a partnership with the club because of the firm’s roots in the Eindhoven region, as well as PSV’s sight on the future potential of cryptocurrencies.

Janssen, who seemed happy about the club’s partnership with Anycoin, stated that the club has ventured into the deal due to the promising future that cryptocurrencies boast of, adding:

“As a club in the heart of the Brainport region, we are always innovating, and cryptocurrency fits well into this picture.”

Commenting on the development, Lennert Vlemmings, COO at Anycoin, noted that PSV has been close to him because he grew up in the region.

“The payment in Bitcoin marks the next step for the adoption of cryptocurrency in the EU,” Vlemmings added.

Football Clubs Venturing Into the Cryptocurrency Space

In recent times, football clubs are getting directly involved with cryptocurrencies, as several teams have either launched a non-fungible token (NFT) or a fan token to help bring their fans closer to the team.

Earlier this year, PSV announced that it will be creating a non-fungible token (NFT) for its 1988 European cup victory over Benfica, giving fans the opportunity to own a part of the club’s history.

Clubs like PSG, Juventus FC, Atletico de Madrid, FC Barcelona, and a host of other football clubs have also launched their fan tokens via a partnership with Socios.com.

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