Price Analysis: Tron Sees a 15% Increase as KNC Extends Its Uptrend

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The crypto market has maintained above $1.9 trillion over the past 24 hours as Tron experiences a 15% increase. Although there has been notable resistance at $1.93T, we observed that sector maintained its valuation above the highlighted mark.

Many cryptocurrencies have contributed to the most recent feat of the industry. The top gainer during the current intraday session is ZRX as it is up by more than 35%. Bitcoin and other coins in the top 10 failed to impress as they are down by a few percent.

With BTC and other major digital assets down and altcoin being top gainers, is it alt season already? Time will answer that question. Nonetheless, TRX is on the rise and showing little to no signs of a retracement.

Tron May Test $0.08

The latest surge saw tron flip the $0.07 resistance. Additionally, the coin broke above its pivot point and is considered a bullish asset based on this indicator. TRX saw a lot of resistance at $0.074 and retraced below the mark a few hours to the time of writing.

However, the corrections have been halted and the cryptocurrency has resumed its uptrend. Currently exchanging above $0.072, tron will look to break the resistance at $0.074. A flip of that level may result in more price increases. Maintaining the same momentum as seen over the last 24 hours, the bulls will look to push TRX as high as $0.080.

KNC Extends Increase to the fourth Day

Seeing a lot of trading activities over the last three days, KNC has failed to record significant gains during this period. A closer look at the chart reveals that the asset has been closing the last three days with gains higher than the previous.

Currently up by more than 8%, Kyber Network Crystal is trading above its second pivot resistance. Based on this indicator, the token may continue to experience more bullish conditions.

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