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RSI Price Analysis: Litecoin (LTC), Cardano (ADA), Yearn.Finance (YFI), Binance Coin (BNB).

As the current Bitcoin bull market intensifies, there have been several switches in position among the top-ten largest assets in capitalization. We review some of them in today’s analysis and also look at what DeFi-brainchild, Yearn.Finance (YFI) is up to in recent days.


Although today may not have turned out too well for Litecoin fans, the ‘silver’ coin has made a recent resurge. Earlier in the year, LTC kept relinquishing its position on the top ten for emerging projects. At this time, though, Litecoin is now the sixth largest coin by market cap climbing from the number 9 spot in the last couple of days.

Will Litecoin compensate for the losses? At the time of writing, an LTC is worth $73.8.

The current RSI is usual, so traders can expect to see prices steady for now. If there is going to be any drop or rise, it will be steady or gradual. We can see much volatility, as the historical volatility is active with ups and downs. 


ADA is not living up to traders’ expectations as the digital currency is trading less than twenty cents. ADA traders expect to see it close to the all-time high if not above the all-time high. But things are playing out in quite a different way. 

Cardano is on the rise, and traders wonder when it will break the $0.1 resistance and hit the $0.2. Various indicators are indicating a price rise, but prices may not get as high as $0.2. Different resistance may shatter as a result of the increase. The $0.11 resistance may break, and possibly the $0.12 may flip.



Yearn.Finance is the most expensive cryptocurrency. At the time of writing, a is worth $20,285. The relatively young cryptocurrency has an all-time high of $43,678 and an all-time low of $31.65. YFI is currently ranked the 40th coin by market cap.

With all the bullish market unfolding, traders can expect to see prices break the $20,500 resistance level provided traders can keep the current bullish momentum. With the current RSI dropping, prices may fall to the $19k region.

Binance Coin

BNB has come a long way. From traders trading the coin in October 2017 at less than a dollar, $0.03 to be exact, the current all-time low of the coin. BNB had an all-time high of $39.6 in July 2019. 

At the time of writing, traders are trading Binance coin at $28.4. The current RSI is on the drop, and BNB prices may drop to as low as the $27 region. But if traders can rally the market, it will be a massive boost for the prices of BNB as traders can expect to see the coin in the $29 region.


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