Contradiction: Peter Schiff’s Son Already Has $450 Worth of Bitcoin

Spencer Schiff, son of Peter Schiff, the CEO of Euro Pacific Capital, revealed in a tweet today on his Twitter page that he now owns about $450 worth of Bitcoin, which is about 0.06271268 BTC.

The young investor who just turned 18 yesterday unlike his father in terms of interest in Bitcoin, perhaps showing that younger investors are more favorably disposed to Bitcoin since his father is a self-proclaimed Bitcoin critic and hater but a famous gold bug.

Peter Schiff, who always looks for avenues to criticize Bitcoin and acknowledge gold increased his hatred for Bitcoin when he lost all the Bitcoins he ever had in January 2020. As reported by Coinfomania, his wallet got corrupt for some unknown reason. So his password became invalid, making his wallet and all the Bitcoin he ever owned in that wallet inaccessible.

Although it was confirmed that the unfortunate incident occurred as a result of a lack of knowledge, Schiff blamed Bitcoin and called it “intrinsically worthless.” He also said,” I knew owning Bitcoin was a bad idea. I just never realized it was this bad.”

Following that event, when Peter Schiff lost all his Bitcoins, the Bitcoin critic has been criticizing Bitcoin at every opportunity he gets. Earlier this year, when the 12-year-old daughter of Jason A. Williams co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital told her father to help her convert all her money into Bitcoin, Schiff showed he wasn’t in favor of that action.

The Bitcoin critic, who doesn’t view Bitcoin as a useful investment tool, slammed Williams for supporting his daughter in her decision and mentioned that the young girl would end up losing all her money.

Schiff Contradictory much?

The self-acclaimed Bitcoin critic and hater in a tweet earlier today posted his son’s Bitcoin wallet address mentioning that people should send his son Spencer Schiff Bitcoin as a birthday gift. 

He said, “Since so many of you Bitcoin guys are ribbing me because my son [Spencer Schiff] bought Bitcoin, why not really rub it in by gifting him some as a belated birthday present, he turned 18 yesterday,” Schiff continued, “He won’t lose his.”

How a Bitcoin hater and critic who doesn’t see Bitcoin as a useful investment tool would see a turnaround and ask people to gift his son with that same Bitcoin is nothing else but contradictory.

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