NFT Giant OpenSea Hires Former Lyft CFO and Considers IPO

Bloomberg’s report states that leading digital marketplace OpenSea hires former Lyft Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Brian Roberts as its new CFO, who considers setting an IPO.

.Founded in 2017, the NFT hub has become home to over 80 million NFTs, with more than 600 thousand active users on its platform.

Per data gathered from the Ethereum Analytics platform, Dune Analytics, OpenSea has recorded massive growth since August as it sells over 1 million NFTs monthly.

Roberts, who has served as Lyft’s Chief Financial Officers since 2014 does not have any professional experience with the cryptocurrency industry; still, the CFO sees potentials in Opensea’s exponential growth through the eyes of a seasoned financial officer.

The CFO believes that converging the emerging web 3.0 with NFT, brings the NFT hub in the same category as eBay of the mid-90s.

With the aggressive growth the NFT space has witnessed in recent times, Robert thinks it will make no sense to ignore, he said;

“When you have a company growing as fast as this one, you’d be foolish not to think about it going public. It would be well received in the public market given its growth.”

It is worth noting that Roberts has plans to initiate an Initial Public Offering (IPO) round for the company in his position as CFO. It will be the first time the company will sell equity to the public in the stock market.

The IPO initiative would see OpenSea raise additional investment funds for possible partnerships and acquisitions within the NFT space.

Roberts’ Past Job Experiences

Before his new appointment, the latest CFO held varying responsible positions in several organizations. For instance, he led the Mergers and Acquisitions team at Walmart for three years.

Brian Roberts also worked as Global Head of Corporate Development with Microsoft before joining Walmart.

Meanwhile, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are currently making hot headlines within the cryptocurrency space, even growing beyond the crypto industry.

Just a few weeks ago, one plot of digital land on one of the most popular NFT projects, Axie Infinity, sold for over $2 million.

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