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Northern Bitcoin AG Completes Tests Phase for its New Air-cooled Mining Container

Frankfurt-based bitcoin mining company, Northern Bitcoin AG, announced Monday it has completed tests for its new air-cooled crypto mining container, according to a press release.

The innovative air-cooling container, which was developed by Northern AG in collaboration with unnamed partners in Germany is designed only for outdoor operations. The custom-made 20-foot container has about 144 ASIC miners installed, all performing with a high miner density.

As noted in the release, the mining container is highly mobile and optimized for year-round cool locations, which allows for flexible operations to all location options at short notice in order to efficiently mine Bitcoin.

While the temperature sensors featured on the container controls the miner fans, the release noted that:

To cool the container, cold outside air is ingested and filtered through lamellae mounted in an outer wall and led through the container past the mining hardware. The warm exhaust air is vented through the opposite container wall.

Following the announcement today, Northern Bitcoin now has two different mobile container solutions designed for any location in the Nordic countries, following a water-cooled mining container already planted in Norway.

Northern Bitcoin AG water-cooled container solution at the Lefdal Mine Datacenter in Norway, comprised of 21 water-cooled 40-foot containers, wherein the container currently operates with 210 ASIC miners each.

In addition, the new container hopefully opens up more expansion potential, as the company noted it would introduce these concepts to remote locations in the permanently cold regions of the world. 

According to the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Northern Bitcoin, Moritz Jäger: “Already with our water-cooled container solution, we have a revolutionary approach in place to mine Bitcoins sustainably and cost-effectively.” 

While the CTO revealed plans to open up new locations in Scandinavia, the company looks forward to places with extremely low cost and abundant, sustainable electricity.

On the regulation of power within the cryptocurrency mining industry, Blockstream in August revealed plans to employ the BetterHash protocol in order to reduce the level of centralization of Bitcoin mining power.

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