Local Energy Company Shuts Down Noisy Bitcoin Mining Farm Giving Neighbors Sleepless Nights

Link Global Technology, an IT  service management company, has been forced to shut down its noisy Bitcoin mining farm by the local authorities.

With its headquarters in Vancouver, Canada, the blockchain and crypto firm had allegedly set up a secret bitcoin mining plant in Sturgeon County, Alberta, a province located in western Canada for mining digital currency.

The Sturgeon County mining operation is made up of four shipping containers, with an additional container on standby for expansion. 

Referring to the source, Link Global has installed four gas generators at the site with a 1.25 MW capacity. 

The gas generator gets power supplies from Maga Energy Limited’s inactive natural gas well, which in turn supplies power to thousands of connected computer servers that run programs for mining cryptocurrencies.

The Disturbing Noise 

The journey to the discovery of the secret bitcoin mining farm started when one resident, identified by the name Jeff Kocuipchyk, the president of the Greystone Manor Community Association, who lives in a small neighborhood within the locality, identified strange noise variations coming from the direction of the plant.

According to Kocuipchyk

“It differs every time the wind changes direction. It’s just like a wave … but it’s 10 times louder and 100 times more annoying.”

He continues; 

“It’s almost like a plane engine warming up on the tarmac … it’s such a racket that none of my family could sleep.”

Soon the noise filled the air as it became the talk of the town. Most residents lamented how the noise affected their sleep and quality of life. The noise was heard even across homes located around empty agricultural lands.

The president chose to trace the noisy sound to the plant and more was discovered.

In addition to the noise, Kocuipchyk discovered that Link Global did not receive any form of approval from local authorities responsible for regulatory and environmental requirements. It turned out to be a secret Bitcoin mining plant.

Link Global’s CEO, Stephen Jenkins, humbly accepted all the blame for the secret Bitcoin mining plant. He admitted;

“It’s my fault. I take full blame for it. We did not consult with residents.”

This comes at a time when bitcoin miners in China are being forced to cease operations as the country continues to toughen its stance against crypto.

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