NFT Marketplace Magic Eden Taps Polygon to Promote Blockchain Gaming 

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Magic Eden, a leading non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace, has integrated the Polygon network, a layer 2 scaling solution built on the Ethereum blockchain in its ecosystem, to improve the blockchain gaming experience.

The platform started last year as a Solana-based NFT trading platform before extending support to the Ethereum blockchain in August and finally to Polygon.

Polygon is designed to navigate the network’s congestion in the Ethereum protocol to scale transactions cheaper and faster. However, the protocol was rebranded last year to improve its functionalities, including innovative kits for software developers. 

Magic Eden to Work with Strategic Creators and Developers 

According to the official announcement today, the integration of Polygon will offer Polygon users opportunities to interact directly on the marketplace and to benefit from its project positioning and exposure to the Web 3 community. 

Magic Eden, which recently reported $801 million in trades, will work closely with strategic intellectual property owners, including game developers and NFT creators. 

The Solana-based marketplace has already secured partnerships with major game developers like BORA by Kakao Games, IntellaX, Nay, Boomland, Block Games, Planet Mojo, and Taunt Battleworld, which are ready to debut on the upcoming Polygon Launchpad next month. 

“The Polygon network’s collaboration with some of the most recognized businesses and IPs, combined with its low-cost, high-speed protocol, will allow us to further expand our mission to onboard new users to Web3,” said Jack Lu, Co-Founder and CEO of Magic Eden.

Magic Eden to Launch Additional Features on Polygon 

In addition to the Magic Eden Polygon Launchpad, which will officially go live in December, the NFT marketplace plans to bring other innovative solutions to the platform. 

The Solana-based marketplace said it would introduce an NFT marketplace compatible with Polygon’s native cryptocurrency, MATIC.

The incoming MATIC dedicated marketplace will “respect royalties while exploring other innovative ways to support alternative streams of creator monetization.”

The platform also plans to launch additional tools to support NFTs on Polygon, including Magic Eden List (an audience targeting and allowlist tool), Drop Calendar, and analytics which will improve NFT discovery and trading. 

Magic Eden’s chief operating officer Zhuoxun Yin said that the company expanded to Polygon for two reasons: to bring the platform closer to the global audience who likes NFTs and to leverage Polygon’s popularity among game developers to strengthen the company’s position in the industry. 

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