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Microsoft Successfully Adds Ethereum ‘Proof of Authority’ Algorithm on Azure

The giant software company has revealed that it’s cloud platform, Azure,  will now integrate a proof of authority (POA) algorithm to its Ethereum blockchain product.

This smart addition as announced in an official blog post will let users enjoy a “more efficient” way of building decentralized applications (DApps) for private or consortium networks, where “all consensus participants are known and reputable.”

For a larger part of its existence, the Azure network has leveraged on the proof of work (PoW) protocol where the competition to get cryptocurrency exists and motivate developers to secure the network at all times.

Now that the Proof of Authority algorithm has been rolled out, approved identities or validators will work on behalf of other developers on the network, and no competition is required in order to complete transactions. Incentives will still be given to the appointed validators on the network.

To ensure the smooth functioning and security of the new algorithms, the company has introduced some features to back it up. These include an identity leasing system, Parity’s web-assembly support, Azure Monitor, and a Governance DApp.

The owners pointed out that the new identity leasing system will ensure that no two nodes on the network can carry the same identity even though each can have “redundant consensus nodes.”

Programmers who can write languages like C, C++, and Rust will rely on the parity web assembly support to create their own Dapps. This removes the language barrier which often stops new developers from boarding the Ethereum blockchain.

Among many other things, the firm expects that the Governance DApp solution will simplify voting and validator delegation in the process of participation in a consortium.  It will also foster security since it will ensure that each consortium member has control over his or her own keys.

The Microsoft’s Azure cloud and blockchain-based platform was launched in 2015 but could be on the verge of attracting its largest pool of developers following the latest additions.

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