Microsoft Exploring a Crypto Wallet Integration in Its Edge Browser

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Tech giant Microsoft is exploring the integration of a crypto wallet into its web browser, Edge. This was deduced from a tweet made by software researcher Albacore on Twitter, sharing prototype screenshots.

Although Microsoft has not officially announced the addition, the screenshots show the Edge upgrade contains an interface for a crypto wallet, a decentralized application (Dapp), and its usual news feed. There are no confirmed networks the wallet would support. However, the screenshot suggests that Ethereum, USDT, and USDC are the minimum it will allow.

The screenshots also show the integration of an interface to buy cryptocurrency from Coinbase and MoonPay through the browser. There are also options for adding wallet extensions and an “Explore” tab that gives users access to crypto-related news feeds.

An Effort Towards Crypto Relevance Among Pairs?

Microsoft is not a core crypto-friendly tech firm like Tesla, yet it has dipped its toes cautiously into the industry. The tech giant added the Ethereum Proof of Authority Algorithm on Azure. The firm also showed support for digital assets by adding Bitcoin as a currency option on Excel.

But among its peers, Microsoft is taking a slow approach to crypto acceptance. Brave Browser, a privacy-focused web explorer, integrated Solana into its browser in 2021 after partnering with Binance to add its browser to the exchange’s trading platform. Opera Mini is also a step ahead of Microsoft, as the company added a crypto wallet to its browser in 2019.

Microsoft will be looking to impress its crypto-loving users, who have long anticipated this move. Though it is yet to confirm the motion, Albacore believes the addition is rather indispensable.

It May All End in the Test Phase

According to Albacore, Microsoft is known for testing a lot of things without implementation. Hence, users should not get too excited about the crypto wallet prototype.

“The Edge team are kings of throwing every imaginable thing at the wall and seeking if it sticks. The list of obsolete gimmick features that they tried and eventually removed is quite long,” Albacore told Decrypt.

Albacore confirmed the wallet was working fine and showed optimism about the release. He insinuated that the feature wouldn’t get to the production team if it were just every other thing Microsoft tries and dumps.

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