Former Member of European Parliament Godfrey Bloom Gets in on Bitcoin; Needs a Tutor

As Bitcoin continues to head towards the mainstream, more prominent people are joining the bandwagon especially because of its compelling monetary policy.

Just recently, Godfrey Bloom, 70, a former member of the European Parliament for Yorkshire and the Humber, said in a tweet that he is interested in joining the cryptocurrency community and looking for some experts to guide him. 

It is unclear if the British politician has already purchased BTC earlier this week or planning to do so before the week runs out as his statement “I make my first purchases of Bitcoin this week” doesn’t clarify.

However, it is evident that Bloom has assets in gold and silver and is not against the concept of Bitcoin and now has the interest of adding BTC to his portfolio.

Open to learning

The 70-year-old politician also noted that he needs someone who will guide and teach him on the new and unfamiliar path he has chosen for himself.

“I am open & looking for interviews for some top crypto people to teach a 70-year old (me!) about crypto…Please reply so I can follow & DM you,” he said. 

The concept of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as an investment is more appealing to millennials as Coinfomania reported last month. However, an interesting number of boomers, who usually prefer precious metals are showing interest in Bitcoin too just like Godfrey Bloom and CNBC’s Jim Cramer. 

The former MEP did not reveal his reasons for opting to become a part of the crypto world, but in a short clip, he expressed his views on some of the actions of the Central bank in the circular economy. Bloom mentioned that it is a habit of the Central bank to print money at will, thus causing inflation.

For Bitcoin, well, it has a limited supply. 

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