Mayor Scott Conger Plans To Start Paying Employees With Bitcoin

Scott Conger

Bitcoin adoption is not only getting popular among individual and institutional investors but also with government administrations, including the city of  Jackson Tennessee, that will soon adopt the cryptocurrency.

In a recent tweet, the mayor of the City of Jackson Tennessee, Scott Conger revealed that his city is planning to join the crypto wagon, with the intention of paying employees’ salaries in bitcoin.

The tweet read,


Not only is the mayor considering adopting Bitcoin but also LTC and ETH.

Scott Conger started his official four-year term duty on July 1 after his election on June 18, 2019 with 63.2 percent of the vote. Conger, who is the third member of his family to serve as Mayor of Jackson first served as a city councilman in 2011, where he represented District 5 of Midtown Jackson. 

As a city councilman, he served on the Expenditure Committee, Budget Review Committee, Municipal Solid Waste Regional Planning Board, and was chair of the Taxi Board.

City of Jackson Tennessee is an area in the City of Jackson, the capital, most populous city of the U.S. state of Mississippi and the 2nd largest metropolitan area in the US. 

City of Jackson Tennessee is another city in the US that has shown interest in cryptocurrency. In a similar development, the Mayor of Miami, Francis Suarez, openly acknowledged that he is open to the idea of investing 1% of the city’s treasury reserve in bitcoin.

He made the statement in reply to a post a popular bitcoin proponent, Anthony Pompliano made. The crypto and bitcoin enthusiast had made a tweet encouraging his followers to retweet his post if they “would move to Miami if Mayor Francis Suarez put 1% of the city’s treasury reserves in Bitcoin.”

Later in February, Miami became the first city to convert a part of its Treasury Fund to bitcoin paving way for the city to utilize digital currency in various ways.

Employees in the city were also given the option of collecting a part of their salaries in bitcoin, while residents could pay for fees in bitcoin and taxes can be paid using the cryptocurrency too.

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