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Man Who Lost All His Bitcoin In Phishing Hack Pleads With Hackers For Refund

A young man has recently fallen victim to a hardware wallet phishing scam and all the Bitcoin he had been stashing for years was stolen by hackers on June 10. 

According to a series of tweets by the victim Eric Savics, he joined the crypto industry in 2013 and had been building up his position for about seven years and now he has lost everything in a twinkle of an eye. The total amount he lost was 12 BTC ($113,426)

Savics, who resides in Canada, according to his Twitter profile, planned to use the fund to get his own apartment before the disaster struck. And now he is broken as he has absolutely nothing left to fall back on after all his many years of hard work. 

“All my savings are gone, I have zero Bitcoin,” he lamented.

Please refund some of my BTC

In a video today, the victim begged the hackers to return at least some of the stolen Bitcoin to him.

“To the individual(s) that have my BTC, please if you can find it in your heart, please send me back some. I was so close to my goal and dream of my own apartment,” he pleaded. 

The event is truly unfortunate considering that he has been in the industry for years, and one would expect such an early bird to know better when it comes to securing their crypto assets. However, he did note that he is not a technical person or a computer geek, and even at that, he shouldn’t have fallen for the phishing scam the way he did.

Savics also called on members of the crypto Twitter community to help him out with any guidance on how he can be able to track and retrieve his lost Bitcoin, which is something that is almost impossible to do.

Crypto Twitter donates

in the meantime, members of the crypto community are rallying around to help him get back on his feet by sending words of encouragement and donations to his crypto wallet, one that is totally different from the phished wallet.

At the time of writing, the community has managed to send him some 0.52 BTC from about 73 donations made to the address.

Bitcoin donations

Fake hardware wallet extensions

Eric Savics somehow gave away his seed phrase to a fake app pretending to be from KeepKey hardware wallet after the phrase was requested for recovery.

In the past, Coinfomania reported that Google removed about 49 Chrome extensions impersonating popular hardware wallet brands like Ledger, Trezor, etc. Even at that, fake extensions and apps continue to flood different Chrome web store and other mobile app stores.

These fraudulent extensions have bots that request for the passphrase of users of these wallets. When they fall for it, all their cryptocurrencies would be gone in less than 2 minutes like the case of the man who recently lost all his Ether (ETH)


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