Complete List of Crypto Exchanges That Delisted BitcoinSV and Those That Did Not

The ongoing saga between BitcoinSV leader, Craig Wright, and the wider crypto space has led to the delisting of the BitcoinSV cryptocurrency from notable cryptocurrency exchanges.

In this article, we provide a list of crypto exchanges that delisted BitcoinSV and those that did not. We will update this post as more exchanges take sides in the mini-battle.

Crypto Exchanges That Delisted BitcoinSV



Leading cryptocurrency exchange, Binance is arguably leading the campaign to delist BitcoinSV with CEO, Changpeng Zhao being the first even to bring up the idea on April 12. He followed up on his threat and on April 15, an announcement from Binance saying that the cryptocurrency no longer met its listing standards.

Timeline for BSV delisting

Binance will stop offering the option to trade in BitcoinSV and its pairs on 2019/04/22 at 10:00 AM UTC.

Shortly after Binance announced it was delisting BitcoinSV,, a widely used cryptocurrency swapping platform followed up with a similar move. CEO, Eric Voorhes was the one making the announcement this time with a Twitter message that read,


Timeline for BSV delisting

Shapeshift will delist BitcoinSV within 48 hours after the initial announcement.

First announced by its CEO Peter Smith,, one of the earliest cryptocurrency exchanges will also stop supporting BitcoinSV on its platform.

In its announcement, Blockchain stated that it is only committed to “support cryptocurrencies that are reliable, safe, and convenient.” It is somewhat apparent that BitcoinSV no longer met those criteria.


Timeline for BSV delisting

Withdrawals commenced immediately while will finally end support for BitcoinSV on May 15th.


Dubai-based crypto wallet and exchange platform, Satowallet has won the heart of Bitcoin enthusiasts by following the steps of Binance to delist BitcoinSV.  It’s CEO, Samuel Ben made the first announcement before a followup message by the wallet’s official Twitter account which read,

Timeline for BSV delisting

Withdrawals commenced immediately while the cryptocurrency will be delisted entirely from Satowallet on April 25.


U.K-based Bittylicious delisted BitcoinSV, citing low volumes as well as a desire to “show solidarity against the toxic litigious environment in the BSV space.” Bittylicious’s announcement attracted a negative response from the BitcoinSV who claimed that its leader, Craig Wright was going to prove in court that he is Satoshi Nakamoto. Bittylicious, however, responded,

“It would be interesting to see the court ruling, certainly. I still await an actual cryptographic proof (as maths > courts)”.


Timeline for BSV delisting

BitcoinSV will be available on Bittylicious until Aprill 22.

6. Kraken

After a poll by users supported BitcoinSV’s delisting, San-Francisco based Kraken has said in an announcement that it will delist Bitcoin SV based on people’s demand. 71% of respondents supported Kraken delisting the token while only 3% says “it is awesome” and should not be delisted. 


Timeline for BSV delisting

BitcoinSV deposits will be disabled April 22. Trading will cease on all trading pairs April 29. Withdrawals will continue until May 31.

7.Lykke Exchange

Lykke did not delist BitcoinSV from its exchange within the same period that other exchanges did. The exchange only opted to end support for the controversial cryptocurrency after Craig Wright made an attempt to copyright the original Bitcoin whitepaper and codes.

In its delisting message, Lykke wrote,

“Lykke has reviewed public recent controversies surrounding the BSV asset and the consequent cryptocurrency community stance and has agreed to delist BitcoinSV (BSV).”

Timeline for BSV delisting

Lykke users can trade BitcoinSV until May 31, 2019.

Crypto Exchanges That Did Not Delist Bitcoin SV

1. OKEx

Malta-based OKEx has decided not to join other exchanges in showing what many, including Bitcoin enthusiast, Anthony Pompliano regards as solidarity for Bitcoin. In an April 16 announcement, OKEx said it has conducted a rigorous review the cryptocurrency and will not join the number of those that delisted BitcoinSV. The cryptocurrency did not violate their listing requirements, for the time being, OKEx said.


2. BitForex

Like Kraken, BitForex first organized a Twitter poll to decide whether or not to delist BitcoinSV from their platform. However, the exchange said in a follow-up announcement that it canceled the poll in favor of an in-house decision which is to keep BitcoinSV on their platform in consideration of users.


Meanwhile, other exchanges such as Gemini and LVL has stated that they’ve not supported BitcoinSV since the November hardfork that produced the cryptocurrency.

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