“Never Ever Selling Back to Tether” by Lil Bubble Giving Comfort to Bitcoin HODLers 

Lil bubble bitcoin

It is no longer new that yesterday’s bitcoin price correction of more than $3,000 left several investors who joined the party late in agony, as BTC price which surpassed $19,400, crashed to nearly $16,200. 

With the coin gradually recovering from the massive price correction, Lil Buble, a crypto parody musician, released a new song yesterday on YouTube to give comfort to BTC holders.

Lil Bubble’s Never Ever Selling Back To Tether, a parody of Taylor Swift’s Never Ever Getting Back Together, tries to urge BTC investors not to sell the cryptocurrency due to the current market condition.

The music video, which featured a spaceman playing an acoustic guitar, tells a story about how his inability to hold the popular cryptocurrency amid price correction in the past made him incur a massive loss.  

Lil Bubble revealed how he purchased more coin during a bull run but was unfortunate to see the price dip. 

Still convinced that BTC value will recover, he kept the faith and held the coin. Unfortunately, “it retraced about 80%.” 

He continued that he “held on” while the price still dipped but was forced to sell “the bottom” and swore never to “hold it [BTC] again.”

At one point in the video, the spaceman sits and reflects, perhaps on BTC’s potentials and how he could break free from financial difficulty if only he held the asset for a little longer. 

Lil Bubble continued that he bought the coin again when it soared tremendously on three occasions before it dipped, and he “sold the dip again last night.” 

Convinced that he was going to take a stand no matter the outcome of the market, he chanted in the chorus: 

“we are never ever ever selling back to tether,

we got lots of Bitcoins, lots of shitcoins, watch them bleed

but we are never ever ever ever selling back to tether.”  

Never Ever Selling Back To Tether

Lil Bubble’s Never Ever Selling Back To Tether comes at the right time when traders’ morale is low as a result of the recent price correction. 

The song released in less than 24 hours has gotten over 800 likes, with several BTC traders noting its importance in this trying time to help them keep the faith. 

On the other hand, some users did not share the same sentiment, as they argued that Lil Bubble should have added a line that tells them “when to draw the line.” 

More Crypto Songs

The act of creatively making crypto-related songs is gradually becoming a norm. New tracks are being unveiled to help crypto enthusiasts get through difficult moments and narrate the importance of adopting digital currencies. 

Coinfomania reported earlier this year of a crypto song titled Bankers’ Paradise by Renegade InvestorThe artist tried to woo users of traditional financial institutions into adopting BTC to save themselves from the ancient financial system’s poor state.   

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