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LG Accepts Samsung’s Challenge? More Blockchain Phones Are Coming

Barely a week after Samsung launched a crypto-friendly variant of their Galaxy Note 10 phone, local reports suggest that Samsung’s major rival, LG Electronics will not let Samsung grab the entire market share.

South Korea-based LG according to IT Chosun, plans to expand the next generation of its smartphones to include blockchain-friendly smartphones, making it the second major South Korean phone manufacturer to make a move in that direction.

Interestingly, LG’s supposed decision to venture into the new generation devices was confirmed in February, after the company filed a trademark application both in Korea and with the U.S Patent and Trademark Office for its own crypto wallet dubbed “Thinkyu Wallet.”

It was also around the same period that Coinfomania reported Samsung’s unveiling of a new smartphone with a native crypto wallet called “Keystore” wallet which could also allow users to run decentralized blockchain applications built on popular blockchain platforms.

Meanwhile, regarding LG’s current venture into the blockchain, an anonymous industry official confirmed in the report that the company has completed research regarding decentralized applications (DApps) and blockchain companies, meaning that they are  “likely to respond to Samsung’s innovation initiative.” 

Yet another official mentioned that LG has joined the governance council in charge of the operation of the Clayton Blockchain Platform Node on which Samsung launched its product last week.

However, although the sources failed short of mentioning the exact blockchain-friendly smartphones that LG Electronics plan to launch, it is exciting to note that the blockchain revolution has made its way down to the smartphone industry quicker than expected.

In the past, it was only blockchain startups such as Electroneum and Sirin Labs working to develop blockchain-friendly smartphones. However, the last eighteen months have seen giant smartphone companies such as Samsung, HTC and now LG getting involved.

Apparently, their involvement may signal the beginning of a new wave of blockchain-friendly smartphones and more adoption for the industry.

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