KuCoin to Launch Virtual Office Using Bloktopia Metaverse

KuCoin, one of the leading crypto exchanges in the market, recently announced that it would be opening a virtual office. The office will be opened in a skyscraper from the decentralized metaverse Bloktopia. 

Designed as a skyscraper, the company announced that the building would include 21 different levels. This represents the total supply of 21 million bitcoins that will ever exist. KuCoin announced that it is expected to host other content creators as well, among them Avalanche and Polygon. 

In a statement, the crypto exchange also noted that the meta office would allow clients to decorate different types of cyberpunks, will be granted the opportunity to interact with virtual furnishings, and will also be able to connect with one another, chat, and speak using the virtual environment. 

KuCoin appears to have embraced a metaverse-friendly business strategy, supporting both Bloktopia’s native token, BLOK, and the utility token, Dreams Quest (DREAMS), which is a blockchain-based gaming platform, which aims to further popularize the metaverse-based economy.

Previously, numerous large corporations have announced that they are interested in the metaverse industry and plan to join it in the near future. For example, one of the largest companies globally, Facebook, officially announced that it would be rebranding and would adopt a new name, Meta. 

Another huge company, Microsoft, also updated its Teams and Xbox services saying that it is part of the metaverse plan. Nike’s job posting also indicated that the company was planning to hire a virtual shoe designer. 

All of these developments indicate how much the idea behind metaverse is attracting people and companies representing all different industries. This can be used for the further development of not only the metaverse itself but for these companies as well. 

The recent announcement of KuCoin is very timely and shows how much KuCoin is committed to further development and innovation. 

Many market experts believe that other crypto exchanges will follow the steps taken by KuCoin and will slowly start establishing virtual offices. This step could be very important for the further development of the crypto trading market, making it easier for traders to get necessary help and assistance when needed.

KuCoin – One of the Leading Crypto Exchanges

Over the past few years, KuCoin has become one of the largest crypto exchanges in the market. Part of the IDG Capital group, the company is one of the top 5 leading crypto exchanges in terms of the highest volume around the world, with over $2 billion in average daily volume. 

KuCoin also has its own cryptocurrency, called KuCoin Shares, KCS. KuCoin has quickly managed to become one of the most popular crypto exchanges in the industry. It is available in over 197 countries globally. 

One of the main reasons why KuCoin has become such a popular crypto exchange around the world is that it offers traders a very user-friendly environment. 

KuCoin offers traders the opportunity to trade both manually and automatically. Automated trading has become very popular over the past few years in the market, offering traders the opportunity to analyze the market in a matter of minutes. 

However, manual market analysis could take traders several hours. The same activity can be done in a very time-efficient manner by using automated trading robots. Also, KuCoin automated trading can help you keep monitoring the market 24/7, even when you are asleep.

This way, you can be sure that if desired opportunities are presented in the market, you will be able to make profits. Automated trading robots are also able to conduct actual trading activities for you, making them very useful for crypto traders around the world.

There are numerous automated trading robots available in the market. Most of them are using API keys to connect with the exchange accounts of the crypto traders. This is a safe and secure way of account connection, which also allows traders to limit what the trading robot can access on their accounts.

What is Metaverse?

Metaverse is something that many people have already been talking about for a long time. However, the conversation around this topic has become even more prevalent over the past few weeks. One of the main reasons why so many people started talking about it is Facebook’s announcement that it is joining the Metaverse industry and changing its name to Meta. 

Simply put, Metaverse is the future view of the internet, offering people around the world even more opportunities in the virtual world. 

Recently, numerous companies have shown interest in the idea. While Facebook’s announcement had the biggest impact and influence on the market, many others are jumping in to explore what the future might hold for the industry. 

One of the companies that has announced the launch of the virtual office is KuCoin, one of the leading crypto exchanges in the industry. According to KuCoin, its virtual office will be launched using the Bloktopia Metaverse. 

The announcement is very important for the crypto industry, as many market experts believe that more crypto exchanges will follow the steps of KuCoin in terms of launching their own virtual offices, making crypto services even simpler for traders around the world. 

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