New Global Outreach Strategy and Commemorative Events – KuCoin Exchange Celebrates 5-Year Anniversary

Having started as a group of seven co-founders in 2017, the KuCoin exchange has grown since into a world-spanning global cryptocurrency exchange wielding the trust of over 20 million users in over 200 countries. The path traced by KuCoin over the last five years has seen its cumulative trading volumes exceed $2 trillion, with the highest single-day trading volume exceeding $30 billion, and the team scale by 142 times to include over 1,000 talent.

And as KuCoin prepares to celebrate its 5-year anniversary, the 1 million strong community will be in the spotlight, just as it has been throughout the entire period of the exchange’s operation. With recognition as one of the top 5 crypto exchanges from Ascent and Forbes, KuCoin has also earned the title of the “People’s Exchange” for its inclusive approach to tokens that currently number over 700 on the list across 1,200 trading pairs.

“User first” approach

User-centricity has been the core of KuCoin’s focus since day one, spurring the exchange team to persistently release new products to facilitate trading. Apart from the recently launched Winvane NFT marketplace and Wonderland interactive NFT launchpad, KuCoin has upended its native ecosystem user experience with the flagship KuCoin Wallet – a holistic Web3 environment access key. In addition to its native KCC ecosystem products, KuCoin also offers users the Trading Bot automatic trading function, Spot Grid, Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA), Futures Grid, Smart Rebalance, and Infinity Grid. On top of that, the recently launched Bitcoin mining pool propelled KuCoin into the top 10 mining service providers for the king of crypto.

In order to maintain its traction and global positioning, KuCoin intends to expand the team by another 200 talents in 2023, hiring staff to adhere to the new “Glocal” strategy that foresees the opening of regional offices in Bangkok, Hong Kong, Dubai, and other regions. Regulatory compliance will be in key focus of the new strategy for KuCoin, moving the platform along the course of action aimed at supporting user accessibility to digital currencies worldwide. Adherence to changing operational environments and related regulations will give KuCoin and its users the confidence needed to maintain operations on the decentralized arena.

The KuCoin team has consistently reiterated that the support and trust of the community are the founding pillars of the exchange’s success. KuCoin recognizes the need to maintain that level of community engagement and is launching a series of events aimed at thanking users for their continued support.

Special offers to the community

The first event in a series starting on September 28 is the BTC/ETH/KCS purchase with a 10% discount feature that comes together with the Mystery Boxes giveaway. Users will be able to participate in draws and receive Limited Edition NFTs of two varying rarity levels and a chance of being whitelisted on the Windvane Launchpad.

A more personal event awaiting users is the My Crypto Story with KuCoin that welcomes traders to share their stories of how they started their path in crypto. Winners will receive a $2,000 share of the $20,000 pool starting from October 11, while voters for the best stories will share from a $5,000 prize pool.

With Web3 integration as a key focus of its updated strategy, KuCOin is also launching the KCC Beowulf event together with KuCoin Wallet and Windvane. As a 7-week interactive activity, KCC Beowulf will bring together over 20 projects deployed on KCC and give participants unique insights into the operation of the Web3 environment with KuCoin’s ongoing support.

As the cryptocurrency sector continues to develop, the KuCoin global exchange is intent on expanding its horizons, regardless of the shifting market dynamics. The team at KuCoin is confident that its selected course of action aimed at supporting users and maintaining a consistent stream of new product releases is the sole means of weathering out any storm and continuing the development of the Web3 environment.

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