Official John McAfee Reacts to Trump’s Negative Crypto Tweet

John McAfee may be on the run from the U.S government but still maintains his pro-crypto stance, and was not about to let Donald’s Trump’s negative tweet about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies to go under the carpet without a response.

As Coinfomania reported earlier, several crypto enthusiasts already responded to Trump’s allegations that cryptocurrencies derive their value from “thin air.” But John McAfee attacked it from another angle which is the President’s claim that cryptocurrencies “can facilitate unlawful behavior, including drug trade and other illegal activity.”

McAfee reminded Trump first that the invention of the telephone which created a brand new America with instant communications for the average person changed everybody’s life for the better including criminals since they could use the telephone to coordinate criminal activities nationwide.

He also highlighted the fact that prior to automobiles, bank robberies were rare and mostly unsuccessful since there was no way for criminals to get out of town and spend the stolen funds.

“The getaway car created a ten-fold increase in bank robberies,” McAfee said.

He went further to deliberate on how the internet has created international criminal organizations that can do all they want instantaneously, making the advent of the internet a great move for criminals.

“Cryptocurrencies are no different […….] and still benefit criminals.”

Regarding Trump’s comments that cryptocurrencies should be regulated, McAfee said that claiming to take that such a step under the disguise of protecting supposed ‘law-abiding citizens’ would not work.


“Regulations and laws are broken and are ignored by only one-class of individuals which are criminals.” McAfee then alleged that regulations only hurt the people who are law-abiding, asking the President to get a ‘clue’ about cryptocurrencies.

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