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John McAfee Suggests Binance is Stealing Traffic for Newly Launched DEX

Popular crypto enthusiast John McAfee suggested today that Binance is stealing traffic for his recently launched decentralized crypto exchange.

According to a tweet made by the popular cybersecurity expert, he stated that if users include an additional “f” to the URL, they would be referred to the Binance registration page. 

He posted:

Here’s flattery for you: we launched two weeks ago. Today if you type (two “f” s), it gets forwarded to Binance. Thank you, CZ” 

Since the tweet was made, it has received numerous reactions from followers on the social media platform, with many suggesting that Binance boss Changpeng Zhao (CZ) is scared that McAfee’s newly launched exchange would most likely pose a significant threat hence the move. 

However, a follower with the username ‘cryptozorghe’ stated that the fact the link directs users to the Binance registration page does not prove that Binance has a hand in the development. 

The user suggested that since the link is a referral link to the Binance registration portal, the URL could have been created by anyone, including McAfee. 

“This doesn’t have anything with @cz_binance i think. It’s a referral link for @binance. Someone brought that domain. Smart. Maybe it was you @officialmcafee that would be a win-win for you,” the comment reads.  

Responding to the user, McAfee jokingly commented that the user is right. 

According to reports, McAfee announced the launch of the beta version for his second non-custodial decentralized exchange on the Ethereum blockchain last two weeks. At the time of the launch, he stated that the platform would list all Ethereum-based token on the exchange at zero cost, hoping to return crypto trading to the free for all good old days. 

In a similar development, Coinfomania reported in June that McAfee launched a “magic crypto trading platform” dubbed McAfee Magic, which would enable users to trade multiple cryptocurrencies across different exchanges. 


McAfee Image via Business Insider

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