Scam Alert: Is Lemmebit Exchanger Legit or Scam? Don’t Lose Your BTC

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As the crypto industry continues to reach global popularity and gains more investors and enthusiasts, fraudulent schemes are also on the rise, preying on the naivety of beginners.

As a result, there are always reports of people losing their funds to fraudulent exchanges and projects promising mouth-watering offers.

This has called for the need for unbiased reviews on any claimed crypto investment scheme. Also, the need to raise the alarm when suspicious operations are being noticed in any crypto platform is vital. Scam or legit?, a supposed crypto exchange platform, has been traced down to some suspicious activities, which suggest that they could be a scam. A Reddit post was seen reporting the site for a scam case.

The post cited some inadequacy in their operations. According to the Redditor, the company had made false claims on the date it was created, stating that it was built on 9th November 2020. Meanwhile, it claimed it was created in 2013.

The post also revealed that the company a “free Bitcoin giveaway” on discord, saying they ask for some amount of BTC to allow users to withdraw their promised “free BTC.” They ask for a deposit of 0.03 BTC in the name of verification.

“They also mention Payward (Kraken) multiple times in their FAQs page saying they are associated with them. The only news sources talking about the site were created on the same date and from the same domain seller” the post pointed out another red flag proving the website is not genuine.”

For clarity’s sake, the website has been researched, and some facts have been discovered.

While assessing the website, the platform concealed the identity of its founders. No part of the website has the creators’ name displayed on it. The company’s address is also concealed with no valid means of contact provided except the email  [email protected], which is certainly not enough. 

This can only mean that the company has every tendency to disappear with investors’ funds, and it might be almost impossible to trace their whereabouts.

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