Is Apple With Bitcoin Store (AWBStore) a Scam?

Several Bitcoin holders looking for where to spend there cryptocurrency have fallen victim to the Apple With Bitcoin Store (AWBStore) parked at the domain,

The website promises to let users purchase Apple devices with Bitcoin. Prices of the devices are tagged in Bitcoin and it would only take a careful shopper to detect that the AWBStore is fraudulent.

Some items bear the out of stock’ tag while the site also said it offers free shipping worldwide with a delivery time ranging from 7days to 10 days depending on the location of the buyer.

AWBStore scam


Is AWBStore a Scam?

The company name and office quoted as BITCOIN AND CRYPTO TRADING LTD, while 27 HILL STREET LONDON UNITED KINGDOM W1J 5LP is also a pseudonym. The building according to Kompass is occupied by Duet Asset Management, a global investment company in operation since 1999.

It does not appear as if Duet Asset Management is in any way involved with the scheme, although we sent them an inquiry and will update this post if they reply.

At the time of writing, though, the Facebook page listed as the official social handle of AWBStroe last had a post on 31-July-2019. It also appears users cannot reach the contact number +447418341884 after placing their orders on the AWBStore.

Users who lost their hard-earned Bitcoin to the fake store have made a number of complaints, although this one from a Facebook user attracted our team to the fake bitcoin online store.

AWBStore Victim

The reality is that the website looks like an engine set up to rip users of their Bitcoin holding while whoever is behind the scheme gets richer.

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