Don’t Open Trinity Mobile Yet. IOTA Releases Safer Trinity Desktop Wallet

After investigations and discovery of the loophole that led to the loss of funds by Trinity Wallet users last week, the IOTA foundation has released a new Trinity Desktop wallet, which it says is a safe version that will enable users to avoid such an attack.

As Coinfomania reported on February 13, the IOTA Foundation said it was working with law enforcement and cybersecurity experts over cases of stolen funds, which it believes arose from a coordinated attack.

The Foundation temporarily stopped the network’s ledger, dubbed Coordinator, and also urged users not to open their Trinity Wallet, as a safety measure to avoid the recurrence of such an attack at that time, until the leading cause is determined.

After additional external cybersecurity experts teamed with the IOTA foundation on the case, they identified that the attack was related to the (user-facing) Trinity Wallet, and thus reported the attack did not breach the IOTA core protocol.

The team had investigated every single dependency (and their dependencies) on Trinity. All evidence from previous investigations pointed towards a problem with a reliance on the Trinity wallet, as the most used wallet for transactions.

Besides this, the report today on the IOTA status page noted that the new version Trinity Desktop (1.4.1) would avoid the recently announced vulnerability, while also allowing users to check their balance and transactions on login readily.

Don’t Open  IOTA’s Trinity Mobile Wallet Yet

For Trinity mobile app users, the Foundation advised users not to open the wallets yet, until a new mobile version of the wallet is launched. It is regarded as a safety measure for users, although the mobile wallet doesn’t seem to be affected by the attack.

Additionally, users will not be to conduct value transactions since the Coordinator, which validates IOTA transactions, will remain down until the remediation plan is finalized.

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