Introducing KriptoEarn: The Supercharged Passive-Income Solution From Kriptomat

Kriptomat has replaced its popular Kriptomat Savings feature with a new and improved service that delivers even greater returns to crypto owners in Europe and around the world. The platform’s easy-to-use new KriptoEarn feature delivers returns of up to 14% APY without fees or enrollment charges.

A passive-income solution

With Kriptomat’s new KriptoEarn feature, users simply transfer as much or as little crypto as they wish into a special KriptoEarn account. The whole process takes less than 15 seconds – just a couple of clicks or taps on the screen. Prompts and help screens explain the process in straightforward, simple language so any crypto user can sign up with ease.

Once the crypto has been transferred to the customer’s KriptoEarn account, it immediately begins earning returns that are compounded on a daily basis. Rewards are transferred to customer accounts every week. 

KriptoEarn is especially appealing during bear markets because crypto in the customer’s account continues to accumulate at the specified rate regardless of whether the currency’s price is rising or falling. The crypto balance continues to grow week after week as returns are added.

Current KriptoEarn return rates range from 3.5% to 14% APY depending on the cryptocurrency. The feature supports a select list of the most widely traded cryptos, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Cardano ADA, and more. Kriptomat expects to add to the list over time.

Multiple ways to earn

All of the cryptocurrencies supported by KriptoEarn at launch are offered on a flexible-term basis only. That means Kriptomat customers can add and remove crypto from their KriptoEarn accounts at any time with no fees or penalties.

In the future, Kriptomat intends to introduce support for fixed-term rates, which will allow customers to choose higher returns in exchange for locking crypto funds in their KriptoEarn accounts for specified terms, typically seven to 30 days.

Shield against volatility

KriptoEarn returns are calculated and paid in cryptocurrency. That means customers who choose a crypto with a 14% APY will earn 14% on the contents of their KriptoEarn accounts regardless of whether the price of the cryptocurrency goes up or down.

This mechanism means that KriptoEarn diminishes the effects of falling crypto prices while boosting returns when prices rise.

This passive income solution allows crypto owners and investors to earn a return on their crypto holdings without the risk of day trading or the unpredictability of the crypto market’s notorious price volatility.

The best way to earn crypto rewards

There are no fees or enrollment charges for using the KriptoEarn program. Nor are funds locked away – Kriptomat customers can deposit and withdraw flexible-term crypto from their KriptoEarn accounts as often as they like with no fees or penalties.

The KriptoEarn account can be accessed from the Kriptomat website or from mobile apps for iOS and Android.

KriptoEarn in context

KriptoEarn is part of a comprehensive selection of features and tools that make the most advanced crypto trading and portfolio-management techniques available to everyday people. 

Other Kriptomat features include automated transactions, price notifications, recurring purchases, and KriptomatPay, a solution for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and influencers who wish to receive crypto payments. 

Kriptomat’s business-to-business tools include the KriptoRamp crypto onboarding widget and Crypto Exchange White Label API. Both of these tools are intended to help blockchain-based Web3 applications and services onboard users by giving them an easy, on-site way to buy and sell cryptocurrency.

About Kriptomat

More than 100 million people around the globe have purchased cryptocurrency, but Kriptomat is focused on the barriers that have prevented the world’s 7.6 billion other people from trying it.

Kriptomat is Europe’s leading regulated and licensed crypto platform for investors who are new to cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, and investing. Available in more than 20 languages and supporting more than a dozen local fiat currencies, Kriptomat serves as a crypto onramp for everyday people who seek the financial benefits, autonomy, and dignity that the emerging worldwide digital economy can provide.

Kriptomat’s goal is to eliminate the barriers that prevent potential crypto users from buying, selling, and investing in cryptocurrency. That goal is expressed in a pithy corporate mission statement: “Everybody Deserves Crypto.” Kriptomat welcomes first-time crypto buyers and investors, and has specifically tailored its investment and portfolio-management tools to the broadest range of potential crypto owners.

Founded in 2018, Kriptomat has revolutionized the cryptocurrency world with the introduction of the simplest platform in Europe. Kriptomat makes digital finance so simple that everybody everywhere can access the freedom, fairness, and fulfillment that crypto represents. Hundreds of thousands of customers across Europe and in 120 countries worldwide trust Kriptomat when they buy, sell, swap, earn, share, and invest in crypto.

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