Indonesian Groom That Used 1 BTC as Marriage Dowry in 2017 Revels in Experience

A certain Indonesian man, Fajar Widi claimed to have used 1 bitcoin (BTC) as dowry years back and revels in how the gift is serving as a good investment asset for him presently.

A dowry is an amount of property or money that a bride brings to her husband on their marriage.

According to a local report by Detik Finance, Mr. Widi, for the first time, got the cryptocurrency in October 2017 when one unit of it was worth about RP 30 million ($2,132). However, a month later, during his marriage ceremony, where he used the Bitcoin as dowry, the Bitcoin price had increased three times to about Rp. 90 million ($6,396).

Since then, the cryptocurrency’s price has continued to skyrocket. This tremendous increase made the Indonesian groom resolve that he would not sell his Bitcoin but continue holding it as he sees it as a long-term asset that would greatly benefit his family in the future. 

One unit of Bitcoin is now worth Rp. 800 million ($56,843), with one of the major causes of the increase in recent times being Tesla’s $1.5 billion Bitcoin investment.

Concerning the extent to which Fajar Widi wants to continue holding his bitcoin relentlessly, he said,

Mahar me, I still only hold 1 Bitcoin, I don’t want anything to do with it. If you want to go up no matter how much, there’s nothing to lose, like investing in gold, keep it up, keep going up. I’m simple, I’m making long-term investments too.

Widi’s persistence and patience in holding his bitcoin and not selling have favored him and would most likely yield more profits for him in the future. This experience is in sharp contrast with a YouTuber, Chris Cupp of Nsxtra, who is presently mourning the loss of 37 BTC, which would be worth almost $1.8 million today.

The YouTuber who decided to treat himself to two Honda Acura NSX cars made the first purchase in 2017, the same period Fajar Widi bought his Bitcoin, and the second on Black Friday 2018. 

Following his mistakes, he advised other cryptocurrency holders, “Don’t make the same mistake I did. Don’t completely leave cryptocurrency…I didn’t do that, but I got rid of the majority of it.”