Indian Police Arrests Kidnappers Who Demanded $134,000 BTC From Victim

Indian Police said they rescued a kidnapped dentist, Dr. Behjas Hussain, who was abducted on Tuesday afternoon at his place of work.

The victim was abducted by a five-person gang from his hospital at Kismatpur in Ranga Reddy district, local media reported

Before the arrest, the kidnappers had already demanded a ransom of Rs10 crore ($134,377) worth of Bitcoin (BTC) from the victim’s family, the Police stated. The ransom call was made via Whatsapp to keep the conversation private from being intercepted by the Police. 

Narrating how the victim was rescued, the authorities said the gang that abducted the dentist handed him over to another group of four men who then transported him to Bengaluru. 

While transporting the victim to a different location in the early hours of Wednesday, they were spotted by Telangana police officers who alerted other officers, and the kidnappers were intercepted.

The Police revealed that two were arrested out of the four kidnappers while two fled the scene, leaving Hussain behind with his hands and legs tied. 

Fortunately, the two criminals who had fled the scene were apprehended later the same day while other gang members were caught, bringing the total number of people arrested to seven. 

Commenting on what prompted the abduction, the authorities disclosed that the kidnap could result from a financial dispute between the doctor and his business partners. 

In another report, the Indian police arrested 11 people for abducting a young man who was allegedly involved in a fraudulent bitcoin-related scheme. The victim reported convinced his neighbors to invest in the scheme, which was later discovered to be a scam.  

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