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IBM Blockchain Partners Kvarøy Arctic to Trace Norwegian Farmed Salmon to American Stores

Kvarøy Arctic, a third-generation, family-owned Atlantic salmon farm, revealed in a press release shared with Coinfomania today, that they would team up with IBM Food Trust, the blockchain-based platform developed by tech giant, IBM. 

The purpose of the partnership is to enhance an accountable record of farm produce; this would, in turn, foster consumer trust through unique ways. 

For example, consumers visiting restaurants and Wholefood Market stores in the US and Canada would be able to scan QR code information about the salmon products. Images and videos showing the conditions and animal welfare in Kvaroy would also be made available.

Customers would subsequently be provided with a consumer app that would give insight into the quality of seafood, while Kvarøy Arctic also has ATEA as their system’s integrator.

In 2019, there was reportedly a dramatic increase in the demand for salmon food over other proteinous food. This increase has well continued into the year 2020. In the past three months alone, Kvarøy Arctic recorded a high rise in the demand of salmon in the US, which is twice the volume anticipated during its launch in the US and Canada market on February 4, 2020.

Following the increased demand, Kvarøy Arctic decided to further bolster trust from customers by adopting the blockchain-based traceability solution from IBM Blockchain. 

The IBM Food Trust is an ecosystem which entails all food distribution chains with a reliable record of food system data stored on the blockchain. 

IBM’s decision to partner with seafood companies was a result of the need to combat widespread sea fraud and mislabel as in the case of the Massachusetts-based Raw Seafood Inc. 

For the current partnership, the blockchain-based solution by IBM is designed in such a way that it will provide comprehensive product data to feed manufacturers, fish farmers, distributors, and retailers.

The information would only be available to members of the chain who download and use an app to scan each salmon lot at each point of receipt. They would also need the permission of the Kvarøy Arctic to have access to data on the grade of feed used, the population and density of the habitats the fish were raised in, their age, harvest date, etc

Commenting on the development, Kvarøy Arctic CEO Alf-Goran Knutsen says: 

Blockchain is the future when it comes to ending fraud in the seafood industry. It is a level of transparency that shows our dedication to being the best of the best. The technology tracks a level of detail that helps us reduce food waste so we can feed more people in the world.

IBM Food Trust GM Raj Rao added in the release:

Our work with Kvarøy Arctic further builds on our progress in promoting transparency and sustainability in the seafood trade. IBM Food Trust is delivering the tools needed to collaborate across industries and take action to preserve and maintain our global fisheries while protecting the integrity of the seafood supply chains.

Notably, the latest development could lead to several other prominent members of the seafood industry to use IBM Food Trust to enhance the traceability for products ranging from shrimp and scallops to smoked salmon. 


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