Educational Consortium Partners IBM Blockchain to Launch Learning Credential Network (LCN)

IBM Learning Credential Network (LCN)

Between eliminating degree requirements and the need to ensure that millions of workers will be trained as a result of automation enabled by Artificial Intelligence (AI), a new need arises for a global system to ensure that employers will have a verifiable record of education certifications for job seekers.

It is with respect to solving such a problem that a consortium of leading educational and professional institutions announced at the Blockchain Expo in Silicon Valley today, the launch of the Learning Credential Network (LCN) built on IBM blockchain technology.

According to information shared with Coinfomania, The LCN, together with IBM, will produce a permanent, verifiable record of educational certifications. This will enable job-hunters to seamlessly connect with companies while helping employers more easily and reliably verify skill mastery and fight resume fraud.

Notably, the skills tracked on the platform will go beyond formal degrees to include professional certifications bootcamps and other non-traditional sources of skill mastery.

Still, in an early development stage, the newly launched LCN platform has already attracted significant partners from a diverse range of educational and professional institutions.

The National Student Clearinghouse, the leading source for degree and enrollment verification in the United States, the Central New Mexico Community College District which serves more than 22,000 students and the Ethos Veterinary Health which provides education and professional certification for the veterinary industry, are listed among the early partners.

Both IBM and the consortium behind the LCN expressed a conviction that over time, the viable product which was designed to serve the broader community of learning credential issuers and users will continue to onboard more participants.

To set the stage for these additional participants, the consortium noted its primary goals moving forward into 2020, will be scaling the network and fine-tuning an equitable administration and governance structure for all parties involved.

Meanwhile, in a similar development last month, Coinfomania reported that IBM partnered with Raw Seafoods to combat seafood fraud.

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