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HTC to Launch 2nd Blockchain Smartphone in 2019

Giant Taiwanese consumer electronics company, HTC, today disclosed plans to launch a second-generation model of its blockchain-powered smartphone before the end of 2019.

As reported by the Asian IT news media Digitimes, Phil Chen, HTC’s Chief Decentralized Officer said the innovation is an effort to elevate its smartphone sales and also ensure a continuous enlargement of the firm’s blockchain ecosystem.

HTC’s second-generation model will supposedly extend its supported blockchain applications to include different sections on a smartphone such as browsing, social media and messaging.

According to Mr. Chen, most of the communication blockchain apps featured on the second-generation model will operate solely on a peer-to-peer connection. That will be different from the mainframe boards or cloud routing used in the first-generation smartphone.

On the other hand, some existing first-generation features still supported by the latest version will include the ability to support cryptocurrency management and other related transaction seamlessly. The new blockchain smartphone will also retain the ability to host virtualized personal e-wallets.

Building on HTC Exodus 1 Impact

According to Mr. Chen, the first-generation phone “Exodus” saw a good figure in sales performance not only from Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) users but also from the newly formed cryptocurrency trading startups.

The firm will hope to build on the success it achieved from that last blockchain phone by generating higher sales figures when the newly proposed version goes live later this year.

Meanwhile, HTC’s soon-to-be-launched phone would be the perfect way to continue the synergy between cryptocurrencies and smartphones.  Coinfomania reported in February that the newly launched Samsung Galaxy “S10” supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, and two other tokens, Cosmee and Enjin.

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