Cybersecurity Firm Hacken Announces Upgrade and Migration to VeChainThor Blockchain

Kyiv-based leading cybersecurity company, Hacken, announced Wednesday, a complete modification of their current business model, according to a press release.

Hacken as an organization, constitute a community of over 2000 white hat hackers, full-time cybersecurity experts, as well as digital currency enthusiasts. 

The blockchain-oriented product overhauled under the guidance of strategic incubator CREAMethod will be migrated onto VeChainThor Blockchain.

Hacken has been contemplating on moving their blockchain-related operations to a blockchain platform and has been evaluating all the major blockchain networks over the past year. The firm decided to settle with VeChainThor for reasons which include security, technology, enterprise adoption, and the nature of the Vechain ecosystem.

Hacken was a security auditor of the Vechain network and unlike other blockchain platforms, VeChainThor uses a Multi-Party Payment (MPP) and Multi-Task, which provide greater accessibility and will be “critical enablers of mass adoption.”

For the past three months, Hacken and CREAM worked closely to create a new cybersecurity product dubbed “Hacken Ai,” to allow cryptocurrency holders to take their cybersecurity to the next level in a revolutionary way. 

The HackenAi is reportedly built in every way to fit into the modern cybersecurity landscape. It is a 360°cybersecurity companion product, which will take a proactive approach to user cybersecurity.

It is believed to monitor potential threats and malpractices, and immediately prompts users with timely, detailed information, suggesting possible measures to mitigate the risks of exploitation. 

Also, the Hacken Ai will educate users preventive approaches to take charge of their digital assets for maximum protection against any cybersecurity threats.

Initially, Hacken was a fightback towards professional hackers who were responsible for one of the biggest ransomware hacks, Petya in 2017. 

The cybersecurity firm noted that its focus was on exchange legitimacy and blockchain security. Per the release, Hacken owns and runs exchange research and ranking website 

These enable the firm to reach its goal of ensuring exchange trading volume legitimacy, exchange backend and exchange cybersecurity, and trading analysis.

Hacken, over the last two years, was able to protect more than 200 companies and projects including the United States Department of Defense, AirAsia, and TradingView, through its Hackenproof Bug Bounty Platform, the release noted.

Apparently, the firm is the only cybersecurity partner of the Data Accountability & Transparency Alliance (DATA), an alliance co-founded by CoinMarketCap, having 23 major cryptocurrency exchanges as members and Hacken as the strategic entity.

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