Google Cloud Joins EOS, Edges Closer to Becoming a Block Producer

EOS blockchain

EOSIO software developer announced today that Google Cloud has joined the EOS blockchain, ZDNet report Tuesday.

With the development, Google Cloud has taken significant steps toward becoming one of the EOS network block producers (BPs), the decentralized entities that govern the EOS network. 

Google Cloud’s addition to the EOS community automatically qualifies the firm as one of the BP candidates. 

Commenting on the move, Allen Day, Developer Advocate at Google Cloud, said: 

[…] We are committed to ensuring that information on public blockchains are securely stored, reliably available, and can be accessed in meaningful ways.

Brendan Blumer, CEO of said the firm is glad to onboard Google Cloud to the EOS community and is also eager for its future contributions to the EOS community while adding: 

The Google Cloud team understands the thriving EOS community and the highly performant EOSIO technology on which it builds to create the best entry point into the blockchain industry.

Google Cloud indicated an interest in learning about the operations of the EOS network several months ago. 

Before the cloud computing service firm is inaugurated as a BP on the EOS blockchain, holders of the EOS token will be required to vote in favor of Google Cloud. 

Existing token holders usually vote for entities believed to have the resources required to facilitate the EOS ecosystem’s proper functioning and growth. BPs on the EOS network are responsible for reaching consensus and adding new blocks of transactions or data to its blockchain.

Considering Google Cloud’s stance in the tech space, said it is confident that the company will meet the voting criteria.  

If selected as a BP, Google Cloud will be required to publish a microsite that indicates its performance on the EOS network. 

According to the announcement, the initiative would see Google Cloud deploy its low latency infrastructure, key management, and high-integrity full-node validation to enhance the EOS network and its blockchain technology’s decentralization. 

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