Google Cloud Joins Axie Infinity’s Ronin Network as Validator

Google Cloud

Sky Mavis, the parent company of the popular play-to-earn game Axie Infinity, announced Friday that Google Cloud is joining its Ronin network as a validator, while also helping to improve the bridge’s security.

Google Cloud Becomes Ronin’s 18th Validator

Google Cloud, a subsidiary company of Google, joined Axie Infinity’s Ronin network as its 18th validator, bringing it closer to 21 network validators. Google Cloud now joins the other 17 nodes, some of which include Animoca Brands, Nansen, and Delphi Digital.

As a validator on the network, Google Cloud will have a share in the governance process of the gaming community. This entails that the cloud computing service provider will get to join in validating transactions while having a say in the decision-making of the community.

Sky Mavis further noted that Google Cloud will have the responsibility of “monitoring validator uptimes.”

Improving Security

The joint forces of Sky Mavis and Google Cloud are targeted at improving the security of the Ronin network, and building up “a gaming universe with interrelated, immersive, and rewarding experiences.”

Security is much needed, especially after the Ronin network suffered an exploit, where the bad actors siphoned $625 million worth of funds by gaining illegal access to five of the nine existing validator nodes. 

Ronin bridge was shut down after the attack but was reopened after some time, making it possible for users to access their funds. Sky Mavis also began to onboard more validators and made provisions for new non-validating nodes to join the network.

Google Cloud Bolsters the Growth of Web 3

It is noteworthy that Google Cloud’s involvement in the Web 3 ecosystem is not new, as Google stated in an earlier report that its subsidiary, Google Cloud, will support the building of services needed for blockchain developers to create blockchain games.

When commenting on the latest development, Aleksander Larsen, the co-founder of Sky Mavis, stated that Google Cloud has been working with his company since 2020. He further mentioned the attributes of Google Cloud that appeal to Sky Mavis, where he said:

“Google Cloud, which sits at the intersection of being a recognized contributor to the developer community and having deep technical expertise in blockchain infrastructure and running validators, was naturally one of the top choices.”

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