BEP20 Token $GOLDEN Surges 200% to a Staggering ATH


New bep20 token Golden Inu ($GOLDEN) surged to a new all-time high earlier today.  And even after correction from the ‘minute bull run,’  it’s still up 30% in the last 24 hours.  Only a few days after being listed on the PancakeSwap cryptocurrency exchange, it could surge even further tomorrow.

The initial coin offering was on February 23rd according to one crypto news site.   The original price of the coin was US$0.00000000000127000.  

Currently the token is valued at US$0.000000000003401806362096025.   The change in the ‘minute’ price may not seem like much but it’s over a 200% gain.     Cryptocurrency holders who completed a max purchase of tokens durings its ICO or Pre-ICO sales,  now have approximately US$924 instead of the US$308 originally invested — a $616 profit.

Earlier today, the $GOLDEN token was at an even higher price of US$0.000000000004201806362096025.   However, in all commodity trading markets, some “Golden Arkads” were only there to rake profits.  

Those quick exits didn’t affect the coin’s value in a negative manner however.  All investors that buy or sell the $GOLDEN token are contributing to its liquidity pool.  The tax for owning and selling out of the new Ecosystem is 6% according to Crypto Coin Opps.   Half of that tax goes to a 10-year locked liquidity pool; which guarantees the token will have a healthy reserve of fiat currency for a decade minimum.

In layman’s terms, the token can’t crash.  There’s funds with PoR (proof of reserves) technology attached to it to certify it’s liquidable.

Less than 1 week since launching on its first exchange, the growth of over 200% is being celebrated by the Golden Inu team.    The new bep20 token’s crew made a tweet to acknowledge the fresh ATH (all-time high).

“Just broke is last ATH (All Time High) and we [are] starting to be heavily seen by the #ShibaArmy,” was tweeted from the @GoldenInuToken profile.

Due to the new token just being listed on its first exchange, PancakeSwap, it’s likely that prices will surge much higher before Summer 2023 begins in June.    More exchanges will be listing the token by then.   And each exchange that lists the $GOLDEN token is exposing it to thousands if not millions more investors.  The PCS listing alone has just given the opportunity of buying & selling Golden Inu to over 1-Million crypto holders.

And early investors are being given a reward for their loyalty. A Binance coin giveaway is coming soon, courtesy of the Golden Inu’s growth. A portion of the Golden Treasury will be used to give select token holders free $BNB tokens.   Details of the giveaway will be shared via the official GoldenInuToken subreddit.

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