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GoldCoin Review: The First Fractionalized Gold-Backed Asset

If you’ve been getting involved in gold-backed cryptocurrencies, you may wonder which are the best ones on the market. Considering there are various metal-backed digital assets vying for your funds, it’s understandable you’d be hesitant. Fortunately, we’re here to help inform you. This post will specifically go over GoldCoin, the first gold-backed crypto offering fractionalized investments.

What is GoldCoin?

GoldCoin is a gold-backed cryptocurrency that enables investors to hold fractional amounts of gold bullion. The asset is based on the Ethereum network, meaning it’s an ERC-20 token. That type of token is compatible with all Ethereum-based exchanges, wallets, and other tokens. This also means investors can buy, hold, sell, and trade the asset automatically and securely.

Each and every GoldCoin is worth 1/1000 an ounce of gold, ensuring investors without a ton of money can put in as little or as much as they’d like. That fractional ability doesn’t exist in the traditional gold industry.

Interestingly, the platform also allows users to invest anonymously. There’s no need to verify your identity or anything of the sort. All purchases are private. That’s not to mention that the platform stores the assets for you without an extra fee. 

Buying gold the traditional way means also paying for a space to store it. Protective investors might buy a vault to keep in their house. This is an expensive initial purchase, however, on top of the metal investment. However, others opt for an external storage solution like a vault. That method is secure, for sure, but also brings in another monthly charge for safekeeping. 

If you invest in GoldCoin, know that the bullion it represents is kept secure. The platform keeps its gold in secure vaults, offering a 24/7 live stream of it for auditing purposes. On top of this, GoldCoin brings in GDA Capital as a third-party auditor for extra confirmation. Considering some stable coins like Tether refuses to reveal their fiat holdings, this is a great reassurance for investors. 

The platform offers two-factor authentication to all of its users, increasing security even more. It also allows investors to redeem their GoldCoin for physical bullion if they’d prefer. However, this ruins the anonymous aspect of investing. To receive your physical gold, you’ll have to reveal yourself by going to pick it up or having the asset sent to you. This way, the company can be sure they’re giving it to the right person. If you really care about having the gold physically, giving up anonymity should be a small price to pay.

Why Invest in GoldCoin?

If you’re interested in precious metals, there are many reasons to invest in GoldCoin instead of traditional gold. For one, cryptocurrency streamlines your investment process. You can link an account and buy whenever. There are no hoops to jump through or verifications to sit on. In fact, it’s so easy to invest in gold with this project that many might never do so physically again. 

After all, finding a vendor is difficult and costs a ton in extra fees. Storage is a pain and the entire process just feels outdated compared to gold-backed cryptocurrencies. That’s not to mention, purchasing crypto is almost instant. Is this the future of precious metals investment? It very well might be. 

Plus, with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin taking off, it’s only a matter of time before stable coins do as well. As the mainstream gets more involved in digital assets, they’ll begin delving into gold-backed cryptos along the way.


Fractionalized investments, anonymity, and reassurance via auditing. These features, and more, are all offered uniquely by GoldCoin. It’s a promising asset for both current and upcoming precious metals investors – especially those new to the crypto industry. If you’re looking at gold, this is the way to invest.

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