Germany’s First Regulated STO Ends in 40 Days

Germany’s first regulated security token offering (STO) is ongoing with SME loan provider, Bitbond offering investors the opportunity to earn returns from profits that the firm generates from its loanees.

The platform has facilitated business loans up to €13 million and has a fast-growing client base that includes 150,000 people from 80 different countries.  Using blockchain technology, Bitbond ensures fast cross-border payments while also employing machine learning to track credit scores for its users.

Investing in Bitbond’s STO allows investors to support the growth of SME’s globally and also earn healthy returns from doing so.

Note — Bitbonds security token sale is regulated by the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin).

Details of the Bitbond Token Sale

Bitbond targets to raise €3.5 million from the sale of its security tokens dubbed BB1 tokens. Any funds raised from the STO will augment the €5 million that the company raised from equity investors including Point Nine Capital and Sky Level Group.

Token distribution

€1 per BB1 token

Accepted Currencies

Euro (SEPA), Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH) and Stellar (XLM)


Bitbond Finance will buy back the token at the original price of €1 after 10 years.

Potential Returns

  • 1% of the invested amount 4x per year (4% per annum)
  • A variable component paid out annually (60% of the pretax profits of Bitbond Finance)

Funds Use

Bitbond will use 40% of the raised funds to issue new loans to SME via its lending platform. Another 40% would go into the financing of junior notes to leverage available capital, while the firm would invest 20% in its working capital as well as marketing efforts during the STO.

Visit the Bitbond token sale page.

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