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GCG International Broker Review: All You Need to Know About This Crypto Broker

Today I have come up with the GCG International broker review as I have received many requests and demands from a lot of people in recent times regarding this broker. They have requested me to bring them some of the details about this broker. What is so special about this broker that a lot of people are eager to know about it? This is the question that was revolving around in my mind but once I explored it in detail I got to know why they were so interested in this broker. Let me share with you what I was able to get out of this broker.

Key Points of Discussion

  • GCG International Overview
  • Step by Step Guide on how to Start Trading With GCG International
  • GCG International has three different account types
  • GCG International Trading Platforms
  • Additional Services offered by the GCG International broker
  • Conclusion

GCG International Overview

GCG International or Global Consulting Group International is an online broker working in the industry with a single mission in mind that is to serve its client with its premium value-added services. A group of professional traders came together to develop a brokerage firm with which they can associate themselves and in this way, they introduced “GCG International” in the financial industry and started offering services to users.

The broker has access to a wide range of global markets with over 5,000 markets available on the platform of the broker. In the presence of a vast variety of markets, the clients of the broker get the opportunity to choose from Forex, cryptocurrencies, commodities, shares, and indices to trade with. The broker thinks that if its clients are trained enough and possess strong trading skills then they can produce a large chunk of money out of trading. Therefore, the broker helps its clients to grow and develop proper trading skills by providing them the essentials tools they need.

GCG International broker has evolved as a top online broker in the industry with the passage of time. The company behind the brokerage firm considers it a vital part of its mission to sustain a strong sense of social responsibility. The entire mission of the company is forged into these words stated by the company:

“GCG International maintains a strong sense of social responsibility, which remains a vital part of our mission. We ensure that we instill the same philanthropic values in our employees and strive to nurture an organizational culture that supports crucial global and local initiatives aimed at creating positive change. We believe that there are more than just business, socially responsible flows into all of our business actions and decisions.”

The broker furthermore claims to provide a market-leading service by offering them transparent and fair prices, better customer support, and advanced trading tools. Additionally, the broker is also committed to providing high-level security to funds of clients for their satisfaction.

An overview of the GCG International broker is not enough to get started with it. You must need to thoroughly go through the further details of the broker such as how you can start trading with the broker and what features and services it offers to facilitate your trading. There is also a need to check out whether the broker is secure enough to start your trading. Let’s dive deep into the broker to explore further details.

Step by Step Guide on how to Start Trading With GCG International

When you look out for a broker to start your trading with, you will find out that most of the brokers that you come across offer you a complex process to start your trading which usually comprises a series of steps. But you are in search of a broker that can provide you convenience in each and every aspect such as the GCG International broker. When you make up your mind to trade with the GCG International broker, you won’t have to encounter any difficulty rather you will come across a simple and straightforward procedure on your way towards trading. There are only a few steps that you have to follow in order to begin your trading with this broker.

Step – 1 Register Yourself on GCG International

The first step for you to take is to get yourself registered on the GCG International broker. You can complete your registration by visiting the official website of the broker where you will find on the upper right corner an option of “Registration”. Click on this button and it will open a registration form for you to fill up. Once you see the registration form, you need to enter your personal credentials into it.

Your personal credentials include your name, your surname, your e-mail, your country, your phone number, and promo code. You are only eligible for registration if you are over Eighteen otherwise you can’t register yourself. If you are over 18 then mark the box and then mark another box to agree with the terms and conditions provided by the broker. After this, you can click on the Sign-up button to finish your registration.

Step – 2 Choose an account option

Once you are done with your registration, the next step that you have to make is to choose an account type according to your desired needs and preferences. Like registration, it is also an essential step because without an account it will not be possible for you to commence your trading. Your account is the place where you operate and manage your entire trading. There are different kinds of accounts available but you should go with an account that shows much relevance to your needs and the one that you can afford easily.

Step – 3 Fund your account

After completing your registration process and picking a suitable account option, the third step that you need to follow is to fund your selected account with a specific minimum deposit amount so that the broker could give you the authority to operate that very account. The funding of the account is a key step as your account won’t operate if it is not funded. So, it is must for you to throw a bunch of money into your trading account to make it work for you.

Step – 4 Start trading

Once you go through the initial steps successfully, then you are ready to go with your trading. It means that you can access to the wide range of financial markets available on the broker’s platform and can commence trading with any of the trading products available out there such as forex, crypto, commodities, etc. by operating directly through your own trading account. You will be provided with the extra help you seek during your trading procedure by the professionals of the broker.

GCG International account types

The GCG International broker takes care of all of its traders including both inexperienced traders as well as experienced traders. It does not satisfy the broker if it only serves the needs of professional traders leaving beginner traders on their own. Keeping this into serious consideration, the broker has developed three different kinds of account types to adjust the needs of its each and every trader. In the presence of three account types, traders can easily find the most suitable one for them.

Here are these account types explained further for traders’ convenience.

  1. Demo Account

The demo account is a special account particularly created for the assistance of new traders. The broker offers the facility of a free demo account to get newbie traders off on the right foot. The forex market is very vast and it takes time to understand it completely. The demo account at least gives traders a little bit of knowledge about the market so that they at least could enter into the market. The basic purpose of a free demo account is to help traders understand how the trading platform works. By trading with the demo account, traders get a pretty clear idea of how things work in a real or live forex environment.

When you trade with a free demo account, you actually get to know how it feels like to trade with the GCG International broker. There are several benefits of trading with the demo account. For instance, it gives you an opportunity to make paper trades by mimicking live forex prices. You are given an open hand to try your potential strategies and find out whether they are powerful or not or are they effective enough to be applied in the live forex trading. Moreover, the real benefit of the demo account is that you can easily determine the potential risks involved in the actual trading.

Therefore all of the traders especially the newcomers who enter for the first time into the financial market are highly advised to initiate trading with the demo account before stepping into the live forex market without taking into consideration their education, knowledge, or experience if they want to trade efficiently and effectively in live forex trading.

  1. Real Account

Then there is the second account option for traders and that is the real trading account. When traders gain a little bit of trading experience through the demo account and think they are ready to trade in the real forex market and that they can handle things easily out there, then they move a step forward towards live forex trading. When you switch from the demo trading into live forex trading, you will immensely get affected unless you are a robot as there lies a clear difference between trading demo and live. Everyone has heard of “trading psychology” which is the factor that highlights the real difference between success and failure when you enter into the forex trading field.

Obviously, there is a significant difference between trading with a demo account and trading live. For instance, in the demo account, the money you bet is not at stake at all which gives you good trading confidence and lets you think clearly without feeling emotional. You remain calm holding your nerves strongly in control. But when you trade forex live, everything gets changed. You eventually get the feeling of losing your money and ultimately you lose your trading confidence as well which can take you towards the loss of your profits. Here is when you can seek the help and guidance from the GCG International broker which is always there to help you out with saving your earned profits. You can open your trading account on GCG International and start your real trading.

  1. Islamic Account

Apart from the demo account and the real account, the broker has introduced another unique trading account type “the Islamic account”. This account is unique because you won’t find it on any other broker except the GCG International broker. The incurring of the swap rates is not included in this account. The reason is that those people who have their strong faith in religion especially Muslims who believe strongly in the law of the Sharia would not like to trade with that very account where the swap is applied as the Islam or the law of Sharia does not allow them. The GCG International broker knows how important it is for people to abide by their religious laws and beliefs strictly following their Islamic faith. That is why the broker has added the Islamic account to its trading platform.

The holders of the Islamic account do not pay any kind of fees on this account and as a result, they are able to stick with their Sharia law without violating it. Moreover, the broker also allows the owner of this account to use leverage, hedge positions, and take benefits of all other trading instruments while using this account type. The broker also offers them a convenient way to make deposits and withdrawals. All Islamic account transactions get closed right at 22:00:00 GMT and get reopened immediately at 22:00:01 GMT.

These are the three account types. You are advised to choose a particular account type according to your deposit and then immediately contact your account manager for further details.

GCG International Trading Platforms

The GCG International broker allows you to get access to the world’s most popular trading platform “Meta Trader 4” also known as MT4. The best strength of MT4 lies in the fact that it is very simple to use and offers an easy-to-use interface to beginners as well as professional traders. The Meta Trader 4 trading platform has a wide range of functionality that you can make use of to boost your trading profits. You can utilize the powerful pattern recognition tool of MT4 which helps you to spot the latest trends. Additionally, you can use the MT4 Strategy Tester for optimizing or testing your trading strategies.

Meta Trader 4 is specifically designed for Forex and CFDs trading and is very useful for traders in analyzing financial markets by providing them enhanced trading tools. Those who desire to trade with forex, commodities, CFDs, and indices, the Meta Trader 4 trading platform is the best for them because this trading platform can be customized easily and is enriched with a lot of necessary tools and resources needed to analyze financial markets. The features integrated with the Meta Trader 4 trading platform include an easy-to-use interface, multi-language features, free pre-programmed analytical tools, the updated news feed on a daily basis, daily account statements, real-time client account summary, multiple charting options, and many more.

The GCG International broker also offers a multi-awarded Meta Trader 4 mobile app that has a user-friendly trading interface. The benefit of trading with the Meta Trader 4 mobile app is that you can manage and place your trades conveniently. Those who choose to trade with the MT4 mobile trading app can get access to a vast range of crypto CFD pairs. You should know that there are over 20 crypto CFD pairs supported on the GCG International broker’s trading platform. The MT4 mobile trading app of the broker is supported on both platforms Apple as well as Android. Moreover, the Meta Trader 4 trading platform is easily accessible to Mac OS users as well and can be downloaded and installed easily on MacBook.

Additional Services offered by the GCG International broker

Well, you cannot blindly sign up with the GCG International broker. There are some of the other things that you need to consider before signing up with the broker. Here are these important things you should notice.

  • Security of funds: Security and safety of funds is an essential aspect of trading. If a broker is not able to provide protection to your funds, then that very broker is not worth to start trading with. The GCG International broker takes its traders in confidence by guaranteeing them the protection of their hard-earned money and personal information. The broker keeps your information safe and secure by encrypting it. The GCG International broker thus keeps your worries off regarding the safety of your funds and financial data.
  • Account Verification: The GCG International broker makes it mandatory for users to go through the account verification process because there are some regulatory or legal requirements that need to be addressed. The account verification process requires you to provide your essential information such as proof of identity (POI) and proof of residence (POR) and then you have to complete a quick questionnaire. Once you have completed the account verification process, your account is verified and you can start trading with the GCG International broker.
  • Deposits and Withdrawals: The GCG International broker offers a simple and straightforward process to deposit your funds in your GCG International trading account. The broker supports secure payment options for deposits on its platform because the security of clients’ funds is of vital importance to the GCG International broker. The broker also makes sure that you feel ease and comfort while withdrawing your funds. The broker ensures that all of the withdrawal requests of its clients are processed within a duration of 24 hours. You are highly advised to use the same payment method in the case of withdrawals that you use to fund your account.
  • 24/7 Customer Support Service: The broker offers its clients the best customer care service for 24 hours and seven days of working. If you have any matter to sort out regarding your trading then you are free to contact the customer service team of the broker at any time without feeling hesitant. One thing is for sure that no matter what the broker’s team will not disappoint you.


The Global Consulting Group International or GCG International ranks as one of the most trusted and leading brokers in the world of finance. The broker offers a bunch of trading benefits when you decide to trade with the broker including maximum leverage, outstanding account manager, 24/7 live customer support, fast & easy deposits and withdrawals, industry’s leading trading platform, and security of funds. These features and services make it an attractive trading marketplace for traders. It is not easy for traders to neglect such kind of trading marketplace enriched with advanced trading facilities therefore they tie their knots with the GCG International broker.

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