GameInfinity Records Huge Phase One With 2/4 of Presale Allocation Sold

Key Takeaways

  • 4% (10800000) of total token supply 270 million GAMEIN is allotted for presale
  • With the ongoing hype, the team sold out 2% of the tokens with demand still incredibly high.
  • The phase 1 price is 1 BNB = 80,000 GAMEIN and phase 2 will start with 1 BNB = 60,000 GAMEIN
  • The listing will be with 30,000 GAMEIN tokens.
  • Phase 1 is estimated to end by the 12th of April and phase 2 will commence right after its closure

GameInfinity is an example of a Web3 gaming project at the top of its game. The project offers a unique tokenomics framework to revolutionize your playing time into a revenue stream. Play-to-earn games have been growing in popularity and have raised the crazy bandwagon since 2021, where emerging firms and projects eventually reward their players with exciting game play and financial incentives.

GameInfinity believes that earning an income by playing online games has traditionally seemed to face limitations for e-sport athletes and content creators. However, now with the evolution of the P2E system, the average gamer is freely monetizing their playing time through buying, selling and trading in-game NFTs. Projects like GameInfinity focus on giving players a chance by completing tasks in exchange for cryptocurrency rewards. 

Currently, the presale has come to an end with 4% (10,800,000) of total token supply 270 million GAMEIN tokens were allotted for presale since the commencement the team has sold out 2% of the tokens and is still selling off. Moreover, the phase 1 price is set as 1 BNB = 80,000 GAMEIN and phase 2 will start with 1 BNB = 60,000 GAMEIN. 

The GameInfinity team plans to prepare the listing with 30,000 GAMEIN tokens after which Phase 1 is anticipated to end by April 12th and phase 2 will commence right after its closure. Further  information will be disclosed and announced in phases. So, stay right with us to be the first person joins our crypto bandwagon.

How to Join GAMEIN Presale

You can find the details about the GameInfinity’s GAMEIN token on our official platform. To brief the context, 4% of the total supply will be distributed to the users in a round that commenced on 4th Feb 2022. 

Note: Before the user buys the token, they need to whitelist their address to make it secure and quick.

Step 1: Open the official portal ( in your Metamask or TrustWallet [BSC supported browser]

Step 2: Click on Dapp and then connect your wallet

Step 3: Browse to the official portal or “” page.

Step 5: Click on the token sale form and enter BNB you want to purchase where the minimum value is 0.1 BNB.

Step 6: Final step is to click on “Buy Now”. And Viola! Your tokens will be right in the wallet connected!

To avoid errors, you can add the mentioned token address in your wallet: 0xA626151D0f69260B1828C2313184d9a0BCcE1bbF 

About GameInfinity Metaverse

GameInfinity is a play-to-earn gaming platform where the assets/tokens are burnt via transactions and the entire total number of tokens is capped. This structure makes the GAMEIN token deflationary. This project works on a blockchain system offering with an all-in-one gaming infrastructure specifically designed by/for developers and gamers. 

We seek to play havoc with the monopoly of the ongoing gaming industry by transforming and decentralizing gaming distribution. The team is preparing to offer streaming of gameplay, with exceptional gaming experience by experts and developers.

Moreover, the project has been set up which permits for resale of used games whereas giving developers a small royalty through the transaction. NFTs can be set for sale and the good thing is the games on GameInfinity run on the BNBChain. This makes user transactions quicker and more secure with affordable gas fees. 

You can also stake your GAMEIN tokens, create NFT’s using this asset, and win rewards for gameplay all within the GameInfinity economy. The BNBChain is carefully chosen as it is much utilized more than some other blockchain ecosystems out there. Soon, token management and value will increase while the system is rolled out going forward.

GAMEIN Tokens and Use cases

GAMEIN Token is a BNBChain-based digital asset which can be called the native token of GameInfinity ecosystem as well. This token is designed to be used as the major currency of the entire project which will be executed in multiple use cases actively.

GAMEIN Token Details

  • Token Name: GAMEIN Token
  • Symbol: GAMEIN
  • Network: BEP-20
  • Total Supply: 270 Million (270,000,000 GAMEIN)
  • Launch: Private sale, Presale, DEX Listing, Exchange listing

GAMEIN Token Distribution

  • 29% (4%+25%) of token will be distributed in two phases of presale
  • 14% Liquidity will be added to DEX
  • 8% reserved for the team and other development efforts

The project intends to target 72X as our initial milestone following the statistics of the official roadmap in order to launch the majority of 72 games. In the near future, the token and platform is planned to be released in different networks like Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, TRC, etc. People describe GAMEIN as a “Gaming Currency” “Web3 token” or “NFT token.”

The GameInfinity project has further plans to offer an ecosystem of gaming, DeFi and NFT applications. These creations combine blockchain technology with a combination Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality which we believe is the complete future.

In summary, the following are the applications and concepts, GameInfinity team is focusing on:

  • Blockchain/Web3 gaming
  • VR/AR Gaming
  • Tournaments
  • Gaming Rewards

The token supply at GameInfinity is designed to provide satisfactory value for rewards. Reward spots are in line for users that:

  • Register and Refer users to the GameInfinity
  • Play games
  • Hold NFTs
  • Participate in governance and voting

Game Rewards

There are two types of game rewards precisely- Web3 and Tournament. Let’s get a brief about the following types.

Web3 Games

For single player games- the winners are set to receive 80% worth all total funds charged for the specific game. Additionally, the referral will also receive 5% instantly after joining and 5% on winning.

Tournament Games

Tournaments are simply betting games which include the sports, casino and fantasy type game play. In this case, 80% worth total votes normally called Meta points will be issued to the winner of a slot or team and later 5% will be issued to the participant referral with additional 5% on winning.

  • Meta Points

Meta Points denoted as MTP is the currency for gaming on the GameInfinity network. MTP has an unlimited supply which is functionally generated points holding a static value. Later, this can be converted to GAMEIN tokens. Moreover, users get rewarded with almost 100 Meta points on each unique registration which is also called whitelist reward and an additional 100 MTP for each successful referral.

Use-Cases of Meta points

  1. Pay and Participate in Play-to-Earn Games
  2. Winning Rewards
  3. Referral rewards
  4. Convert GAMEIN Tokens & trade
  5. Reserve NFTs

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